Most Touching Memorial Tributes

Most Touching Memorial Day Tributes
Francis Walker once said, “We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.”
Indeed, that is what Memorial Day is all about. This day is to remember all the soldiers who have fought and died for our country.
In losing their lives, they have helped us gain our freedom and so much more.
With Memorial Day coming up, and the weekend plans that most of us tend to make, we should take the time to remember the soldiers who have fought so hard for our country.
Here are some touching Memorial Day tributes in honor of the soldiers who fought for us, and the ones who still are.
Memorial Day Tribute Videos
Sometimes emotions can’t  be expressed through words alone. Oftentimes it takes pictures and music to bring out the emotions we feel.
Memorial Day tribute videos do just that. A talented individual has gone behind the scenes to express the mixed emotions of grief and pride for our fallen soldiers through film, music and if necessary, a few words.
Memorial Day Tribute Photos
These types of photos are touching Memorial Day Tributes. Most of them contain children and families honoring a lost loved one.
A lot of them are at various Veteran sites or cemeteries, which serve to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice that we honor every Memorial Day.
Memorial Day Tribute Songs
There have been many songs written in honor of fallen soldiers. Some have been around a while and others are fairly newer.
They all have one goal in mind: to honor the soldiers who have fought so diligently for our freedom.
Tim McGraw’s song “If You’re Reading This” is a special tribute to soldiers. He sings:
“If you’re reading this
There’s going to come a day
When you’ll move on
And find some one else
And that’s OK
Just remember this
I’m in a better place
Where soldiers live in peace
And angels sing amazing grace”
In addition, Toby Keith’s song, “American Soldier” is also a great Memorial Day tribute:
“An American Soldier an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters, I will proudly take a stand
When liberty’s in jeopardy, I will always do what’s right
I’m out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight
American Soldier, I’m an American, an American, an American, Soldier.”
Memorial Day Poems
In addition, there are many poets who have written poems as tributes for soldiers.
C.W. Johnson’s aptly named poem “Memorial Day” describes the emotions of a veteran as he walks through a veteran’s cemetery and remembers his fallen comrades, and considers the gravity of their sacrifice.
This is just one of the many special collections of words to dedicate to soldiers on Memorial Day.
As you wave your American flags and remember these precious people who gave their lives for us,
as well as the ones who are still putting themselves in danger every day, remember to thank them and be thankful to be an American, not just this Memorial Day, but every single day.
David Cormier is a blogger for a leading flag provider.