Stay away from infections during pregnancy

When one is pregnant they have to be very careful with every step they take. This is because; they are carrying a life inside and any wrong step can harm them. From diet to sleep, to activities everything has to be taken care of.
One has to be extra careful about the hygiene of the food that you eat during this time. Many women are inclined to pregnancy infections during this tenure and it can highly happen from what they consume. Some food items are a strict no during this time period. This can harm your baby when they are growing inside. So it is not a good idea to have frost ready to cook meals or unpasteurised milk. Do not eat street foods that are too oily and are made of things which are not healthy. It is also a good idea to stay away from very deep fried things as well. Cook your food in utensils which are clean and wash them thoroughly. Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you eat and eat with a clean hand.
In the entire tenure of pregnancy, a woman has to consume at least 55 thousand extra calories to give birth to a healthy baby. This means they have to consume 300 calories extra every single day. This is not a very huge amount. If you know correctly then it is just a slice of bread or a medium-sized apple or a glass of low-fat milk which you will be having extra. But at the same time, the need to consume amounts of minerals and vitamins also increases a lot. So, the thing is, one has to eat healthy food and not extra food to have a healthy pregnancy tenure. If you eat extra then it will add problems to a healthy pregnancy.
Do not smoke or drink alcohol once you get pregnant. This will indirectly affect your baby’s health. So keep out these two things for the period of nine months and even after the delivery if baby because one needs to breastfeed their baby for at least 6 months after the delivery.
As the months pass in pregnancy the foetus grows slowly and steadily. This very well reflects in the body weight of the pregnant woman.  One needs to check the foetus growth by doing an ultrasound test at a regular interval. If there is any problem, then the foetus will not grow properly and will cause a disruption in pregnancy. If it is checked at a regular interval one can be sure of the growth rate of the baby.
Not only pregnancy infection medicines but every kind of medicines taken by a pregnant woman has to be advised by the gynaecologists only. This is because; every kind of medicine has its own side effects and one has to consume them only after asking their doctors. If one faces any kind of infection attacks, they should immediately consult a doctor and then consume the medicine advised by them.