Smart Tips for Small Kitchen Spaces

In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home because it is often the area where loved ones are most apt to congregate. Sadly, in older homes, homes in cramped metro areas and smaller homes, the kitchen is typically not the ideal size, causing cooks and hostesses alike to feel dismayed over their lack of storage, counter, and walking space. However, with a bit of creative thinking, you can make your kitchen work for you no matter where you live or what the square footage of the room is. Use the following ideas to get you started in your quest for maximizing kitchen space without an entire home remodel. 

Use Walls and Ceilings 

If you feel as if every last place is used up in your kitchen, start looking out and up. You have a variety of creative options for kitchen storage on your unused walls and ceilings. Instead of using up precious counter mspace, store everything from cups and cookware to knives and lids on the walls. Consider installing hooks along your walls near your cooking space to hold your most frequently used ladles, spatulas and whisks. Space above your stove is another good spot to use because you are frequently working there. Other smart options include magnetic knife racks or pot racks hung from the ceiling. 

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Moveable Island 

Islands are fabulous ways to increase your counter space and let others gather near you as you work. If you believe that you do not have enough space for a built-in island, consider a moveable butcher block island that you mount on large caster wheels. These islands can be easily rolled out of the way when they are not needed. 

Rethink the Sink 

The kitchen sink can take up plenty of square footage on your counter, precious space that you may not have. If you have a very small kitchen, a single sink may be the right option for you instead of the typical double sink. Additionally, an undermounted sink will not take up any additional space next to it for installation. Finally, consider a corner-mounted sink because corner spaces can be notoriously difficult to use adequately. 

Design Smart Cabinets 

While you may not be able to add any more cabinets or cupboards to your kitchen, you can make better use of the ones that you already have. Head to your local kitchen design or home organization store and look for racks that can be mounted inside your cabinets or on the doors for storing small items, such as canned goods or spices. You may also want to upgrade one or more of your cabinets with a sliding or swiveling design to maximize usable space, particularly in narrow or corner cabinets. 

You may feel as if you are using all of the counter and cabinet space that you have, but you might be surprised to find out all of the amazing ways that you can make use of the tiny bits of space that are still left over. Narrow cabinets, tall ceilings and a little extra floor space can make it easier than ever for you to host your next party or cook suppers on hectic weeknights. When your kitchen is easy to work in, it can definitely become your happy place.