Alexa Survey Uncovers Three New SEO Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic

A large-scale survey, polling over 5,000 blogs, which was conducted during the first months of 2011 by Alexa Internet Inc., the well-known web ranking company, uncovered three previously unknown and ground-breaking SEO techniques that are currently utilized to dramatically improve traffic to blogs and sites.

We were able to talk with Dave Sherfesee, President of Alexa, and asked him to share his insights about these fresh new strategies. “We were pretty amazed. We are watching the web all the time, but these 3 took us by surprise”, Sherfesee said.

1: More pleasing, better ranking

Recently, Larry Page took over the CEO position from Eric Schmidt. This has had a profound impact on search engine optimization (SEO), explains Sherfesee. “Larry’s a very different guy. For him, people shouldn’t just get good search results, but they should show more gratitude too. That’s why page including his name, with key phrases like “the great leader” and “the god of search” in close proximity, instantly get great rankings.” Although this may seem like an easy way to please Mr. PageRank, misspelling his name or mentioning Bing in the same context equals SEO-suicide, says Sherfesee.

2: Use the right attribute in links

After digging out old HTML specifications, clever webmasters uncovered a hidden backdoor to nothing short of Search Glory: the isveryimportant attribute, that can be implied to link (anchor) elements. Sherfesee: “We felt so stupid when this turned up. It’s unbelievable. All you have to do is add that attribute and wham, you’re on. I never know HTML could be so intuitive”. Apparently, great care is necessary, as being overly generous with this attribute will set off Google’s suspicion. “When I learned about it, I tried it out immediately on our site. Hours later I get a call from the Google Search department, asking ‘is it really important?’. So, you better be careful.”

3: Use the magic color scheme

Most webmasters know a thing or two about good webdesign, but only a few design gurus have tapped into a source of unprecedented visitor loyalty: the Magic Color Scheme. Sherfesee: “It turns out that if you use a deep-purple page background, light yellow headings and harsh brown-blue body text, this will trigger visitors’ brain to produce huge amounts of endorfins. They just feel so good coming to your site, they’ll keep coming back,
and they’ll have no clue why. It really works. I’m now driving an Aston Martin Lagonda, after visiting a dealer website with the Magic Color Scheme.”

Alexa will continue research into traffic strategies, after it has completed its current survey, “How Seemingly Free Porn Memberships Affects Willingness to Install the Alexa Toolbar”.

Source: Technorati