5 Lifestyle Habits to Ensure a Healthy Heart – Directly from the Cardiologist

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“Read the blog to know about the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart.”

If you take a look at the data found from national and international research, it will amaze you how many deaths per year happen due to the poor condition of the heart and heart-related diseases. As unfortunate as it is, it is becoming one of the most prevalent reasons why people are dying even at an early age. And in most of the cases, the unhealthy lifestyle, food habit and regular routine are the responsible factors for heart diseases.

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So, if you want to remain healthy and live longer with strong beating heart, it is necessary that you adopt a healthier lifestyle so that your immunity system, as well as your organs, remains safe. Now, are you thinking how you will be able to get a healthier lifestyle? Here, we have put together a few healthy habits that you need to follow so that you can ensure a healthy heart even when you are aging. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco

If you visit a cardiologist in Kolkata, he or she will be able to tell you how tobacco-related smoking can contribute to the deterioration of heart condition. You might think that a little bit of smoking won’t cause too much harm as it is not causing any apparent damage or breathing trouble. However, even a single cigarette can make thing worse for you, especially if you have a weak heart. So, make sure that you are getting rid of this horrible habit so that you can lead a healthier life and stay with your family for a longer period of time.

Monitoring Blood Pressure

It is necessary that you monitor your blood pressure once every month so that you get to know whether the pressure is spiking up or not. And once you will get to know about your high blood pressure you will be able to take the immediate action. High blood pressure is considered to be one of the biggest and most predominating reasons why heart attack happens. That is why it is necessary that you monitor the blood pressure. And if it goes beyond 140/90 mm Hg, then seek medical attention immediately before it is too late.

Healthy Diet

Given the current lifestyle we have, it often becomes quite difficult to stick to the right healthy diet. However, it is an utmost necessity that you stick to the healthy diet regime. For this, you need to cut off junk food and snacks from your diet. Instead include more fruit, juice, grains and healthy supplements so that it can balance your health and deal with all the deficiencies. The best thing that you can do is, go for consultation from an expert dietician. If you are already suffering from weak heart problems, high blood pressure or other heart diseases, don’t forget to inform the dietician about that. Follow the diet and make sure you are checking your sudden changes in weight too.

Staying Hydrated

Since you are living in India, most of the time, you are spending your life in the hot and humid environment. That is why you must include enough amount of fluid in your regular diet. Sufficient intake of water, juice, soup, and liquid will keep you hydrated. If your body fails to retain the water, it will take a direct toll on the heart, turning it into dysfunctional one. This is why make sure you are including enough water in your regular diet, especially during summer.

Sufficient Sleep

It is necessary for a human being to get enough sleep to keep fatigue at bay. Your body becomes tired if you are not getting enough sleep in a day. A peaceful sleep of 7 hours is necessary for any healthy human being. Make sure you are maintaining a proper sleep balance in your busy life.

So, now as you know about the ways to lead a healthy life and get a healthy heart, don’t miss any of them.