Your Kids Can Reach New Heights With A Brand New Swing Set

All parents want to raise children that are active and healthy from their young toddler years right up until they reach adulthood. Yet, it seems that there are many who have Olympic couch surfers in training. These children stay inside playing video games and using tablets and laptops without realizing that there is an exciting world outside that offers great adventures. There are so many health benefits to getting outside and exercising, including building strong bones and fostering imaginative play. This aspect of our childhood seems to be dying out in the 21st century. The importance of play for children has been proven to improve social relations, cognitive reasoning, and emotional skills that children need to function.

You can light up your child’s sense of adventure when you purchase one of the amazing playground sets that will make your yard the envy of the entire neighbourhood. These sets are high quality, durable, wooden or plastic structures that are highly customizable with mix and match accessories to create the ultimate in backyard play. The swing sets can come in sling form or bucket, and monkey bars and jungle gyms with parts and accessories can be added to make the system as large as the imagination will allow. You can go modest or extreme with tire swings, gliders, rope swings, and a variety of slides and ladders, from rock wall types to rope ladders. Creative and blossoming young artists can even have a chalkboard wall panel inside for inspired artwork.

Teaching your children about creative play and learning imagination skills while getting much needed exercise is truly priceless. When you combine the quality, sturdy materials and the proper installation from professionals, these jungle gyms and swing sets are an investment that will pay for itself over and over with fun. Equipment that is not properly installed or secured can be dangerous and is a leading cause of hundreds of emergency room visits each year. Children should always be supervised when playing on a play set.

With a great warranty, these sets will endure the intense play of the children and will be creating memories that they will keep with them throughout their life. With the units covered under warranty, the children are safe from defective parts. It does not just end there with the unlimited fun of the swing sets and the clubhouse with jungle gym and slides; there is so much more that can be added to make your backyard a great place to play. A sand pit and covered picnic table can add shade for a nice outdoor lunch. If there is still energy left after lunch, the family can get together for some competitive sport play with customized basketball hoops. With so many options, it is easier than ever to encourage the family to get outside. Simply choose a trusted company, like Play Rainbow, for the best swing sets, jungle gyms and play sets.