Early Treatment For Cervical Spine Injury

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Many medical practitioners across the globe believe that the best chance of recovery from an injury is a prompt treatment. In case of traumatic spinal cord injury, a surgery should be performed the same time when indications of spinal injury appear. In both the cases, an early treatment seems to be the best choice.

In case trauma persists individuals resort to a surgery. The treatment from best Cervical Spine surgery treatment India is the most sought after these days. This is mainly because of the affordable cost and advanced technology that makes recovery faster. These are some of the early treatments:

cervical laminoplasty

Self-care of Cervical Spine

Early Treatments for cervical spine pain initially is a basic remedy that can be followed at home. These treatment options depend on an individual who is suffering from the cervical spine pain. It is similar to other household treatment administered during a  low back pain, leg pain or a headache.


Any injury and pan require its time to heal. A cervical spine pain like other may be an onset of a serious condition or just a regular stress-related trauma. Giving it the time to heal may help you get better or allow you to choose the next level of treatment.


At the same time resting and allowing healing time may not be the only way but apart from resting you are required to stay active. However, activities and positions that aggravate the pain can be avoided for a while. Therefore instead of just sitting in one place and giving you some healing time a walk or a gentle stretch may help relieve pain. Longer periods of inactivity will only make the problem worse. A healing environment is created by r minimizing, activities that worsen the pain that helps prevent neck spasms. Increased blood flow during stretches helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the muscles

Alternative therapies

A spasm can be treated by heat or cold packs. A warm bath, hot water pack, or chemical or adhesive heat wraps tend to relax tense muscles. They eventually help in improved blood flow. At the same time, a cold pack can be beneficial in reducing the pain. It reduces swelling and inflammation. Heat packs should be used with caution as to prevent skin damage while applying them to the skin.


For persistent pain, one can resort to taking rest for a short duration and avoid further damage to the spine. This helps improve the episodes of neck pain and can be done by avoiding strenuous activities around you. However, it is advised to rest for not more than a couple of days and check for improvement. If there is no improvement one can seek best Cervical Spine surgery treatment India as a solution.

Above treatments or Self-care treatments generally, are not specified by doctors. Therefore one should be extra cautious before resorting to an early treatment that needs no guidance. Some even use self-medications like over the counter depending on the extent of the injury. At any time of the treatment if the patient is unsure it’s feasible to consult a doctor.