Know All About Road Side Accidents

Road traffic accident and crashes are the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. The maximum people were found in emergency fighting for life. The death rate was 1430 as per visiting rate of 2005-2007, New York. This rate was gradually decreased due to some effective precautions and timely implementation. It was reported that more than 60% pedestrians were injured in 2011-2013 in New York. The 8 deaths were declared in Queens Boulevard.

Road Collision Types:

  1. Head on collision:The heads of two cars crash with each other. Both collide in opposite direction. The drivers and front sitters are equally injured. This is one of the serious case. It upholds 10.1% of total road side fatal crashes. That’s why the moving car is not allowed to drive above more than 50mph. Side swipe collision is a category of head on collision.

  2. Run off road collision:This is representing by name “run off”. This happens when the driver misunderstands the U-turn or drive un-consciously (drunk). According to the study of 2005, run off road accidents resulted 31%. The collision with animals and pedestrians lies in road-off accidents.

  3. Rear end collision:It is also clear by the name the “rear-end”. The collision from back side. It merely depends on the driver’s inattention and distraction. The percentage is 25-30% of total crashes in New York 2005. It occupies more risk of passenger’s injury.

  4. Angle impacts:It is also called the side impact. The hit from non-sense driver horizontally to the victim. T-Born Collision is also the synonym term of Angel impact. It is called angel because very serious injury is expected as a result.


The cause is not other than driver impairment. Let us visit one by one:

  1. Drug addicted: Drug hinders the sense of thinking and enhance the relaxation. Eventually, sleepy situation hinder the sense of humor. The Christians love to drink.

  2. Physical:The eyesight impact.

  3. Youth:Teen agers are lazy, but some are very confident. Both conditions are lethal.

  4. Old age: The older person has slow reaction speed and eye impact.

New York Strategy: New York is the largest city of the United Sates. This was demand to cease the rise rate of Road traffic accidents. As a result, Unite States formulate many laws belongs to towing. In 2009, the Quality Towing Services in Queens, New York were governed.
So, New York applied some more operational strategies. These are summarized as below:

  • Lowest speed.

  • Safety cameras.

  • Legislated drivers.

  • Cozy streets.

  • Redesign corridors.

  • Increase the signal time.

Victim Responsibilities:

It is bad luck of victim to be involved in. If he is in a sense, then have to collect some data. I think very first step, he has to take is called for an ambulance. Then, he should contact with police. Meanwhile, he should collect some data from other witnesses. He should capture some pictures of drastic scenes. Avoid the further discussion and inform his insurance company.


Compensation is the reward of money to reveal loss or injury. All the witnesses, victims, doctors, insurance officers and predator have to appear in court. Here, the photographs are of great significance. The witness observations and doctor’s assessments are directly affected to prove the case.