Get Used Mercedes Of Your Choice And Drive With Élan

Mercedes has several amazing models in its portfolio driving which will surely take your breath away thanks to the magnitude of opulence these cars are blessed with. Here we are talking about three such cars that have not only made a mark for their company in the auto market but have also brought in several features that have made travel much more comfortable and secure. We have deliberately taken a hatchback, sedan and an SUV model to show you the range of option this premium brand provides to its customers.

Get Used Mercedes Of Your Choice And Drive With Élan

1) Mercedes A class: When you will look at this used Mercedes hatchback you will find that it checks all the boxes in looks, comfort, safety, and drivability. At the front, you will find a big engine grill with a thick slat of chrome dominating it. This chrome slat has the three-pointed star logo of Mercedes etched right in the middle of a circle. The swept-back headlamp cluster, big alloy wheels, body colour door handles and ORVM with integrated turn lights completes the picture.

While the passenger cabin is not that big, it can easily seat five able-bodied adults with room to spare. The boot of this car is also not cavernous but it will do just fine for a small family on a long journey. The design of this car is posh with a touch of sporty. Driving this car is very pleasant with a firm suspension and a powerful 2.2-litre diesel or a 1.6-litre petrol engine. Both these power mills are attached to a 7-speed transmission system that allows this powerful beast to reach its maximum speed of 202 Kmph.

2) Mercedes S class: If you really want to splurge your money on something, then we suggest that you go for the Mercedes S class. This beauty of a car not only looks stunning but also has some of the most amazing features to make your ride comfortable where you will feel that you are being pampered. Besides the looks which are totally out of the world, the interior is furnished for a king. The seats are uber comfortable and covered in premium leather. All the seats can be controlled electrically and these ventilated seats have lumbar support, heating, cooling and massaging features.

The dashboard of your used Mercedes is designed with a lot of thought and care. It is made of glass, leather, and chrome. The passenger cabin is literally bristling with features that include a powerful climate controller with air filter, a fantastic music system, ashtrays, reading light, personal entertainment system for the back passengers and a range of others. Considering it is the flagship car of Mercedes, the company has put in the most sophisticated safety equipment to make sure that your drive in it is safe and secure. To run this car, it is blessed with a 4.7 litres V8 petrol engine. However, you can also buy this car with a 3 litres diesel engine.

3) Mercedes G class: This massive looking car is the ultimate off the road car in the market. The car looks boxy with huge 20-inch alloy tyres that seem capable of tackling any challenge that the terrain throws its way. The car is furnished with high-end leather that you will find on the seats, doors and even on the dashboard. The inside of the car is huge and the passengers can easily stretch their legs on a long drive. Besides the comfort, this car is all about off the road riding. And for this, it is blessed with 5.5 litres V8 bi-turbo petrol engine with a sophisticated 7-speed transmission box. All these including a ton of safety and comfort features make it a hands-down champion in off the road driving.