6 Ways Your Family Can Start a Rainy Day Fund

Having an emergency fund in place is one way to lower your stress levels. But, starting a rainy day fund can be challenging if your budget is already tight. Let’s look at six ways your family can get started.

Put Out a Change Jar

Make it a goal to put all the change your family collects into the change jar. Any coins found in the laundry or sofa cushions go into the jar. Any loose change goes into the jar at the end of the day.

Use Rebate Apps

Ebates and Ibotta are two of the many rebate apps you can use to get money back on your purchases. Any money that you get rebated goes directly into your rainy day fund.

Start Couponing

Coupons can help you save you money when you go grocery shopping. You can find coupons online, in the newspaper, and in the mail. Use them when you go shopping. Then, take the money that you saved by using the coupons and make a deposit of the same amount to the rainy day fund.

Have a Yard Sale

Most families have things around the house that are no longer needed or wanted. A good way to get rid of those things and make some money at the same time is to hold a yard sale. Another option is to sell them through eBay, Amazon, or Craig’s List. Every dollar made goes into the fund.

Don’t Eat-out as Often

Even on a tight budget, many people still eat out pretty often. Cut back on the number of times you eat out. Pack a lunch. Make your morning coffee at home. Learn to make a pizza at home. And, as with the previous suggestions, every dollar you save by not eating out should go into the emergency fund.

Shop for Better Rates and Bargains

When it’s time to renew your insurance, shop around for a better rate. When you need to make a major purchase, hold out for a good bargain. This will help you save money and have the option of saving some money.
With those funds in place, you know when an unexpected emergency, like needing to hire a hot water plumber, or if your car breaks down you won’t be caught off-guard. When emergencies arise you can handle it without worrying about paying rent or food.  Each of these tips will help you start building a rainy day fund. With some diligence and focus, you can face almost any emergency without worrying about money.