3 Mistakes Every Web Designing Experts Should Avoid

One of the glamour jobs in the present world is the job of the web designer. Since the dependency of the individuals and business alike has increased due to the advancement in the technology, it has provided the boundless opportunity to the web experts. The individuals applying for web designing and web development are increasing as most of the business operations are done through the internet. One major Web designing is basically concerned to create the look, feel and navigation of the website using various programming language. A powerful website is the one which design attracts the right audience, generates potential lead and gives an actual representation of your brand. If you are an aspiring web designer who aims to become an expert in the relevant field that there are three mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Mistake # 1 (Lack of Compelling Content)3 Mistakes Every Web Designing Experts Should Avoid

Although businesses are investing significantly in web designing but do not receive the actual result is because they are emphasizing on the design and neglecting the content infused in the website. Today’s world is all about words. The stronger the words the more effectively the message conveys to your audience. A powerful website is the one which uses the design in a way that directs the reader to the content which matters the most. The designers should recognize the importance of the power of the content and make the website design in such a way that users can easily find their desired information which also increases the website conversion rate. The design should make space for adding the relevant content which makes the user stay on the site which increases their visit duration and also increases the search engine ranking. The content should include content that is relevant as well as infuses the appropriate keywords which optimize the page. Incorporating the right keywords in the content increases the chance that a prospective customer will lend on the website that solution business caters.

  • Mistake # 2 (Appalling Readability of the Website)3 Mistakes Every Web Designing Experts Should Avoid

The experts’ web designers are so engrossed in coming up with an innovative and creative web design that they often neglect the readability of the content on the site. No matter how much effort you put on the website but if it lacks the readability of the content which is exhibited on the website the bounce rate of the website increases. Sometimes designers choose such complement and contrast of colors which instead of highlighting the content decrease their readability. The designer should nurture upon the knowledge of background color and font style and size because if the users are not able to read or view the content of the website then the actual purpose setting up the website is ineffective. The designers to study the color schemes and patterns to provide a better user experience on the website in terms of content readability.

  • Mistake # 3 (Neglect the Actual Business Objective)3 Mistakes Every Web Designing Experts Should Avoid

The most important mistake that expert designer usually make is that they get so engrossed in creating a web design that outshines the business that they overlook the business objectives for which the website is being made due to which ultimately the business suffers. The basic concept behind web designing is to efficiently contribute to the business objective by increasing accessibility rather than making the site beautiful. To eliminate this practice the designers should learn what the business aims to achieve from the website which assists designers in utilizing the right business tools based on achieving those particular goals.

These are the mistakes that are frequently witnessed by the business. Avoiding these practices will aid us increasing the website efficiency and in also making sure that your audience can enjoy your website from anywhere.


Hina Eni is a specialist web designer associated with web designing company in Dubai for 2 years. She design websites on WordPress and PHP and can also work on bootstrap templates. She has good command on Adobe products as well. You can follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN