The Move To The Cloud – Challenges, Benefits and Adoption

Most businesses have begun their move to the cloud – 95% are using the cloud in some capacity, according to RightScale. A further 63% of businesses are planning to move their entire IT infrastructure into the cloud in the future. This is an encouraging statistic that shows more than half of businesses are on board with the cloud and are prioritising digital transformation; adoption of cloud technologies is the first step towards this.

It’s not an easy journey, however; business executives and IT leaders cite resistance from colleagues and management, legacy systems and shadow IT purchases as significant stumbling blocks when implementing cloud technologies.

The benefits to be realised far outweigh any risks, and include immediate and long-term cost savings, the ability to have a mobile workforce which increases its productivity, and far greater scalability than on premise applications.

Check out this infographic from Technology Services Group, A UK IT support solutions company, to find out more about who’s moving to the cloud and why.

The Move To The Cloud – Challenges, Benefits and Adoption

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