Never Too Late To Learn: TOP 8 Popular Professions In Canada

Never Too Late To Learn: TOP 8 Popular Professions In Canada

According to the recent researches, Canada takes the first place in the world about the life quality. The level of education in Canada is very high for locals and foreigners. More than 30 000 students from different countries come to Canada to study there. The education system is flexible. Canadian graduates have a big chance to get a good job in Europe or America. Canadian students have a lot of advantages and privileges. Thus, you can find  Under 21 car rental locations in Canada on every step to feel free in over country travelling. Go to find the best university then!

Popular Universities

The University of Toronto is the most prestigious Canadian university. It is more than 175 years! The world popular graduates are 6 Nobel laureates, 2 astronauts, 2 prime-ministers, 17% of all Canadian professors came from Toronto. This is the biggest university in the world. More than 55000 students study here.

The University of Alberta was founded in 1908. This is one of the leading educational establishments in Canada. 15 university faculties and two collages offer to get 200 bachelor and 170 master programs. More than 34000 students study here. 10% of them are foreigners.

British Columbia University was founded in 1915. It is situated in Vancouver – the capital of British Columbia. There are 12 faculties. There are more than 40000 students, including foreigners.

Manitoba University was founded in 1877 to be the first higher educational establishment in the Western Canada. There are 17 faculties and lots of institutes. The amount of students is about 25000, about 5% of them are foreigners. New Brunswick University was founded in 1785. This is the oldest educational establishment of the North America continent. There are more than 9000 students in the university.

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Popular Professional and Specialties

Many doors are opened before the Canadian graduates. The most of foreigners try to stay in the country to get some practice. It is time to learn the most popular specialties that you are offered in Canada.


It sphere is very popular today. Canadian employers are always up to date in their work proposals. So, if you a skilled programmer or WEB designer, you are always welcomed. The most popular direction in Canada is Java development. The specialists of back-end, working with C#, PHP and other languages are in a high demand. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL are waiting for you. IT sector opens the broadest possibilities for analytics, IT developers. The most popular professions are:

Java developer

Web developer

Software developer

Project manager

Business analyst

Tech support


New technologies are as important as administrative professions. If you know new programs, finances and account management, you have a chance to find a good job fast. Administrative specialists are always multifunctional, able to manage all kinds of duties, such as writing, editing, e-mailing, reporting, presenting, basic accounting, coordinating. The most popular professions of this branch are:

Office manager


Administrative assistant

Executive assistant

Accounting clerk

Payroll clerk


Industry is a base of Canadian economy that is also important for different branches. They used to be the specialists of the blue collars. The modern industrial worker is skilled to be the white collar. Every next industrial profession is as important as the previous one. The most popular of them are:

Production laborer

Production supervisor


Equipment mechanic

Industrial painter



The low oil prices let the Canadian transport system to improve its rate. Nevertheless, the prices for oil are becoming higher now. So, the main task for transport system is logistics optimization. Just high quality specialists can do that. What is more, Internet-shopping helps to develop the branch of fast delivery. The most popular professions are:

Logistics manager

Warehouse manager

Warehouse worker

Order clerk

Forklift operator

Shipping & receiving


Canada is always in search of good engineers. The average age of the Canadian engineer is 42 years old. It means that this sphere welcomes young specialists. The high prices for oil and high investments stimulate government for engineering growth and development. The most popular professions are:

Mechanical engineer

Electrical engineer

Project engineer

Engineering manager

Quality engineer

Manufacturing engineer

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Canada is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. The 9th biggest exchange market in the world is situated here. Canadian banks are popular with their reliability. If you a good financial specialist, you are always in high demand. Financial specialists are able to develop financial projections and make the strategies to stimulate profit. The most popular professions that are on the top of the rate are:


Financial analyst

Payroll specialist

Financial reporting analyst




IT technologies help the modern companies to operate with the huge databases. Nevertheless, this situation makes country to grow specialists that are able to analyze information and develop new and effective marketing strategies to reach the maximum industrial effectiveness. The employers are always in search of skilled specialists that are not afraid of hard scrupulous work with the different figure instruments such as programming for CRM, using SEM, SEO and PPC. Today, the most popular professions in the field of marketing are:

Marketing coordinator

Brand manager

Sales representative

Marketing analyst

Store manager

Sales associate


The success of every company depends on the human resource management. The modern labor market differs on the old one. Freelance, freelance employees, flexible working hours are popular now. HR specialists consider all modern demands in their work. Today, Canada is in search of such skilled professionals as:

HR manager

HR coordinator


HR advisor

HR assistant

HR generalist

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Thus, there are many interesting proposals and great opportunities to get education in Canada. There are also many possibilities to find job there. Never forget that the world continue its growing. The new professions are in demand. Besides, the list of popular professions can be added by others, no less popular. Of course, if you are a skilled multifunctional specialist, you will be always popular in Canada, or whenever you are.