How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Easily

A few years ago I began to delve into the topic of social networks in principle was completely ignorant about how we should move in them, but over time have gained some experience and some of this is that I come to tell now.

Start by accepting that in principle only managed Facebook, well, a little before that had Hi5 but I really did not get to use it a lot. When I met Facebook I became a big fan of this network that seemed perfect for sharing the information with my loved dear, bosom friends and all those people whom you always want to know, or at least what they’re gossiping walk.

With the passing of time I confirmed that this was a helpful tool when keep up with what I was doing people, although occasionally I tag in another photo that made me spend large penalties my family, but hey, who has not gone through that.

That was how a after a long time to use Facebook as a personal social network begins this adventure, from one moment to another start writing at coursework writing service uk, I reactivated a Twitter account I had forgotten. I published my first article and that was how one night I went to bed having 100 followers on Twitter (obviously were all friends or relatives) and the next day I woke up with a little over 1000.

At that time did not quite understand what he had done to attract the attention of this many people for me was a big surprise, I never pretended nor I have tried LOSE MY famous or be popular through social networks, but I have always thought that they are a great way to help people share ideas and many will surely have in mind but rarely dare to express.

It was as well as over time I began to learn about how the social networks that gradually has become indispensable tools of communication for many and as a new source of work for some work.

Perhaps many of you do not know, but I also work as a consultant in Social Marketing for SMEs and Personal Records, is how I could collect information about experiences, cases of major brands, mistakes I made and others have observed at the time of how social marketing strategies, whether in personal brands or trademarks are used. That was how I came to start writing on this subject, it is good to share a little of what is known from time to time, so I leave 5 of my rules to consider before posting anything on social networks.

1. Have a global point of view but express it in the most personal way:

This is a rule of thumb, always think in a global way but humanize the content, think about the kind of people who follow him, give valuable information that everyone can feel identified.

2. Do not talk to gimmicky or Buzzwords

The message should be as clear and understandable as possible, if you believe that by using sophisticated words your content will have a higher level and to stand out, believe that the result will be the opposite, the expressions should be as clear and simple as possible.

3. Set aside egocentrism

It ‘s amazing how many people and especially brands bore your audience when only talk about themselves, everything revolves around them, but what stops spinning is the public’s attention, people want content to contribute something to their lives or single issue or brands.

4. The number of followers or fans is not the panacea and never will be

Many brands and people come into a crippling stroke have every day more and more followers, as if that could change for silver or attention. It is better to grow organically with followers who are interested in what you publish or sell, to have a high number of followers (either because the -robots- purchase or are fake profiles), this type of followers but will not serve to fatten a figure that ultimately has no effect on the results of their strategies. It is better to have 1,000 fans to interact with their content have 100,000 followers for whom the content is very relevant.

5. Publish constantly but without fatiguing

I recently finished a specialization where I had a teacher who told us that he always had a picture frame with your photo on the bedside table of his wife, in this way the message was constant every time she got up and went to bed and never forget it, the frequency of the message was high but not overbearing. Also working people and brands on social networks, when you spend long periods of time without posting in the same way his followers will forget you, but if on the contrary it does is publish very often can get bored his hearing and finally it will no longer follow.

Soon I’ll be back with some more tips about managing this sheath of social networks, although it seems an easy topic each day more and more fabric where to cut.