Using White Label Strategies For Your Business

If you sell products online, then you should consider expanding your reach beyond your main business website to find more customers. Although you can offer people commissions by creating affiliate sites, another way to get your products sold through more websites is to sell them on white label sites. An SEO company can help you with a white label strategy to increase your sales and help make your company more profitable.

Using White Label Strategies For Your Business

What Are White Label Websites?

If you own a company, even a small regional business, you will usually sell products on your main business website. In addition to your main site, you may also sell products under different domains, brand names or company names, which are considered white label websites. For instance, if your main business is under, you may also sell products under,, or

SEO Advantages :

There are several advantages to optimising white label sites, especially if you have a local company selling under several website domains. One advantage is that there is greater keyword coverage with multiple sites than there is with one solitary site. This allows the use of more competitive keywords, especially those that drive traffic to the sites through the use of local SEO.

Creates Backlinks :

White label SEO also helps to build backlinks, which is very important to increasing search engine rankings for your websites. Each additional website that you create will allow you to backlink to your main website. If backlinks are hard to achieve within the market your business is in, this allows you to generate links you will otherwise not be able to get, which can be valuable to your site’s SEO efforts.

Keyword Targeting :

There are many ways to handle white label websites, including segmenting your websites by local search. You can also target certain keywords by using them in the names of the domains you create for some of your new sites. For instance, you could use for one of your white label websites, using the keyword ‘boiler parts’ in the domain name.

This allows your site to rank based on the competitive keywords you use in the domain names, which will help drive traffic to those websites. This technique will also help some of your sites rank higher on different search engines. One keyword may help a site rank higher on Google, while another keyword may rank higher on Bing or Yahoo!

Increase Conversion Rates :

You can take some of the content from your main website and use it as co-hosted content on websites in other niches. This allows you to expose your business to groups of different users, which can help drive traffic to your site and increase your conversation rates.

An SEO company can pursue these white label techniques in order to increase your company’s sales so your business is more profitable. A white label strategy can be confusing, but the SEO company you hire will understand it and use it to benefit your business.