How To Have A Smaller Breast Augmentation Incision

It’s natural and absolutely normal to have the confidence of feeling beautiful. This is how a woman is created-to dress up, do make over, embellish her, and look appealing. One of the major reasons why women opt for breast augmentation is directly linked to the natural desire-for a proportionate body structure.  However, breast augmentation is still a surgical procedure and will leave scars-keeping the scars to minimal is what both surgeon and women want.

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How To Have A Smaller Breast Augmentation Incision

This article will give you a brief insight to the choices you can make in order to have smaller breast augmentation incision. The first and the foremost is the choice of implant:

Make the Right Implant Choice-Saline or Silicone:

Before you decide on breast augmentation, it is important that you analyze every aspect of the procedure. As discussed above, have an insight to what you are getting in to before the jump. For breast augmentation your choice alone is not enough-the surgeon and you both discuss and detail the options that will work best for you.

How To Have A Smaller Breast Augmentation Incision

How to decide on the implant?—your body structure and your figure are the key factors for picking on the implants. If you are smaller on your breast and need bigger cup size, you have an option of choosing between the two implants (The cost is also a factor). They both can work for smaller breasts-for a normal breast size to go higher; silicone is better.

Silicone implant is pre-filled and gives a natural feel to the breasts. The feeling and look is similar to the natural breasts, however Saline implants are filled with a gel after being placed inside. Saline implants feel like a balloon and after insertion, the naked eye can see the difference. Again, the implants work great only if you choose them matching your body structure.

Which implant results in less scarring?–As discussed above, you have two options: Saline implants or Silicone implants. Saline implants are not pre-filled. They get inserted and placed under the breast and then filled with the gel. The incision for Saline implant can be made even smaller as they can be twisted and squeezed in.

The silicone implant is a pre-filled implant and requires a larger incision. The incision choice is of course another choice but for your breast augmentation procedure you can discuss the two implants with your surgeon and make your choice.

Incision Choice:

Breast implants can be placed under the breast through three different incisions which your surgeon will choose (along with your consent). For your understanding beforehand, the three points where incisions can be made are:

  • Incision under the crease of breast (inframammary)
  • Under the arm area (axillary)
  • Around the nipple area (periareolar

Once the incision is done, the next step involves separating the muscle and breast tissues and the connective tissues of the chest. A pocket is formed in front of the outermost muscle of the chest wall. The breast implant is thus inserted into the pocket, right behind the nipple. Once the implant has been placed inside, the incision is stitched and covered with bandaged (skin adhesive and surgical tape).

The Revolutionized Keller Funnel Method:

Keller Funnel is a revolutionized method for placing Silicone implants. The method includes a funnel shaped device which resembles the piping bag used for cake decorations. The inside of the funnel is lined with a slick substance that enables the surgeons to squeeze the implant. The method brings the possibility of performing breast augmentation with a small incision, thus keeping the scar minimal. It also adds to the medical concerns and reduces the chances of any infection.


Throughout the article we have shown our emphasis on choosing the right surgical center for your breast implant. The success of the surgery, side effects, better results, and smaller incision or minimal scarring all depends on the surgeon performing the surgery. You should see the results and feedbacks of the patients who have already visited those centers.

Keep a note that breast augmentation is a life time commitment. You will need to know the after effects, the personal compromises required, work, and financial commitments before getting the surgery done. It will get some of your hormones working faster than routine-prepare yourself to face it. Lastly, get breast implant done from a reputable surgeon for good results.