How To Make Your Rooms Incredibly Cosy

There are many criteria for our rooms to meet and a range of different goals most of us have for our decor.
A room should look good for instance and should reflect our individual sense of style and our personality.
Then at the same time it should be tidy and functional so that it’s easy to store and retrieve our various belongings.
Most important of all though is that our rooms be comfortable and cosy, so that when we come home after a hard day at work we have somewhere nice to relax and unwind.
This is also what will really impress guests – because they’ll see your rooms and then imagine themselves living there and be envious of how relaxing the space looks.
So the question is, how do you make your rooms look that relaxing? Read on for some tips that will make your home as sleep inducing as possible…


Cushions are perfect for making a room cosy, as they not only make your furniture more comfortable, but also make the whole room look softer and more snuggly.
On top of cushions, try having a blanket folded up at the end of your sofa.
This will bring to mind images of nights spend under the blanket with a good film on and a mug of hot chocolate.

Coffee Table


Another good option if you want to make a room look snuggly is a coffee table. This works well because of its obvious associations with tea and coffee.
Now your room will be conducive to sitting back with a magazine while taking sips of warm tea… Few things are more relaxing!

Foot Rest


It’s one thing to take a seat, it’s another to be able to throw your feet up and take the weight off your legs.
If you want to make your room ultimately relaxing then, consider adding a foot stool or alternatively using a reclining sectional sofa or armchair
so that you can lean back even further when you want that ‘aahhhh’ moment.



Lighting is very important for setting the mood in a room, and this goes double for trying to create a relaxing vibe.
Your lighting shouldn’t be too bright and you should avoid ‘flat’ light which is evenly distributed.
A dimmer switch is nice then, but nicer still is to use a lamp to light up just one corner of a room where you can relax with a good book while the rest of the room stays dim.
Create lots of smaller ‘oases’ of light and warmth and the contrast will make the spot look even cosier.


Notice I said oases of light and warmth – to add the warmth in just a small patch,
consider getting a fireplace which you can use to keep warm and which can create a dancing and relaxing lighting at the same time.
Add a rug in front of it and you have an amazing room to stay warm and cosy during the winter months…

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