Taking Your Wig To The Beach

We all love sea, sand and fun, but now that you wear a wig you might feel reluctant to head out to the beach. Many people already feel more self-conscious at the beach, and for those new to wearing wigs, a beach holiday can be especially daunting. You might worry about people noticing your wig, or about your wig’s safety when exposed to the coastal elements.

Swimming with a wig on is another major consideration for many people. A selection of high-quality swimming caps is available on the market, but will you want to change out of your wig on the beach? Proper wig care is very important as sun, sand and salt can all majorly damage wigs. The internet is full of people sharing their thoughts and experiences, you might want to read wig forums and see what ideas others might be suggesting. Everyone is different and there is no one solution that fits all. Knowing what options are available to you and planning ahead are sure-fire ways to eliminate stresses and simplify decisions.

Taking Your Wig To The Beach

Do you own more than one wig for one occasion?

Some people find it helpful to keep a selection of wigs to hand for different occasions. For instance you might wear a synthetic wig for more casual situations but want your elegant human hair wig kept for special events.

Wigs vary greatly in price and owning several might not be an option for all. If this is the case, opting for a swimming cap might be a more affordable solution to keeping your wig out of harm’s way from sun, salt and sand.

Yet for some, leaving a wig on at all times is a must. There are wig caps specially designed to keep your wig firmly and comfortably nested on your head. Be advised, follow care instructions rigorously, and wash regularly. You won’t want deflated, matted or discoloured hair. Using a leave-in conditioner will help protect your wig.

What material is the wig you want to take to the beach?

Synthetic wigs are a little more resilient to the elements. They are also more affordable, so owning more than one might be more feasible. It would be less advisable to take a human hair wig to the beach where sand can damage the glue holding the roots, and water can cause hairs to get tangled.

Have you looked into wig alternatives?

Protecting your skin from sunburn is still a top priority. Protective sun caps and scarves offer an elegant way to stave off too much sun on top.

Many people wear wigs, reading about their experiences can give you great ideas when it comes to building confidence. With time you will find your own way of doing things when going to the beach, and anywhere else for that matter. Importantly, you should never feel restricted by your wig; there are plenty of beautiful solutions that will leave you feeling ready to take on any occasion, business or pleasure.