Top Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Marquee

Opting for a gorgeous wedding marquee for your big day? Read these top tips to help you choose the perfect wedding marquee:

Where Is The Marquee Going?

The flatter the surface area, the better. So if you are hiring a field, ask the owners which area they would recommend. However, if the area isn’t completely flat don’t fret, small and graduated slopes can be worked with, especially if you’re not having any flooring put down. Some marquee flooring can be adjusted to make the area inside the marquee flat. If you are having flooring put down, grass is the easiest surface to work with, however some types of marquees will require a hard surface which can be drilled to accommodate structure pins. If an area is used for marquee hire they will more than likely already have structure holes on the surface that you can use, if not, the best marquee companies will usually have a solution that works with the area you want to use.

What Size Do You Need?

The size of your marquee is really important and doesn’t just relate to the amount of guests that are attending. It is quite possible you might see a marquee you love and want to ‘make it work’ – this is a mistake and could leave you squeezing guests and suppliers into a small space. Consider how many guests are attending, your tables and decorations and how much room your suppliers need to operate. Remember caterers, DJ’s and musicians all have equipment that needs to fit into the marquee. It is also important you don’t choose a marquee that is far too big for your wedding party, this could leave your reception feeling empty and lacking in atmosphere.

Top Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Marquee

Old Or New?

Traditional marquees use guide ropes to hold them in place, whereas more modern ones use a frame. You can also get more unusual shaped marquees like tipis or carnival tents. Although your wedding theme will have some impact on the marquee you want, remember it is possible to decorate it in keeping with your theme. Opt for a design that lends itself to your overall look, but don’t fret if you need to hire a marquee to suit the grounds you’re erecting it on, remember it’s a blank canvas.

How Will You Decorate It?

When you opt for wedding marquee hire London, you will have masses of space to play with, which means ample room for decoration. It is important to think about the finer details of the space you’re working with. Cute signs pointing to the reception can be used, ambient solar lighting along the paths and pretty shrubs outside the tent. And there’s masses of ceiling space to add linings to, drapes or night sky lighting. The rustic wedding trend and embracing of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ means that very open marquees can work really well and enable the natural surroundings to be incorporated into the overall wedding theme. A good way to make the entire theme flow with the nature provided by the area is to look for inspiration in the architecture, flora and fauna surrounding the marquee. Perhaps there are some raw red brick outhouses in the field or rich green weeping willows by a stream. Finding inspiration in the colours or shapes offered by these surroundings is a great idea and will add to the overall detail of the events look.

The Supplier

Often when you’re looking for the perfect marquee it is easy to forget about the supplier. Although you want the perfect tent, it is important that the marquee hire company are a perfect match for you as well. Consider the following when choosing a marquee hire company:

  • How long have the company been operating? Do they have references you can contact?
  • Are the staff at the company friendly? You don’t want to be dealing with cold and uncaring staff in the lead up to your big day.
  • Are the staff clear and transparent about costs and services?
  • Are the staff on hand to adjust the marquee if the weather changes on the day or if there is an emergency?
  • Does the company offer excellent value for money? Don’t be afraid to shop around.