The Myths And Misconceptions Of Drinking Water

We all know how important it is too ensure that we are properly hydrated throughout the day.  Our bodies are made up of approx. 60%-70% water and we are constantly losing water through the day, so we need to ensure that we are replacing what we have lost. Water has many health benefits that include keeping the brain alert while fighting off fatigue, regulating body temperature and keeps the skin moisture and looking young. However, as with anything that is meant to be healthy, there will always be the myths and misconceptions given to the public. We have compiled a few of these misconceptions that surround drinking water.

Hydronium Water

This was marketed as being able to cure illnesses such as strep throat and psoriasis and could be used as a water disinfectant.  This was possible due to the high concentration of hydronium ions added to the water. The American Food and Drug Administration soon shut down the laboratory manufacturing this product as it was “selling under false pretences”.

Drinking too much can kill you

Death by drinking too much water is very rare, water intoxication can only happen if you drink excessive amounts of water, more than your self-regulating body can handle. The body would eventually start to bloat you will end up vomiting, which is an indication that you are drinking too much. You should stick to drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy body.

I have Air Conditioning at work, so I don’t need to Drink

Air conditioning can cause you to dry out even more. You need to ensure you are constantly replacing the water lost during the day. In the office, you need water to help keep you concentrated and caffeine is not a good course of hydration. With the aid condition and coffee, you will lose even more water, especially if you sweat a lot. Ensure that throughout the day,  you drink plenty of water, take several trips to the water cooler, if you haven’t got one installed in the office, request that one be installed. You will be amazed how beneficial having a fresh source of water is.

Water won’t help me Lose Weight

A reasonable amount of water intake can help you lose weight. It is advised that you drink a glass before eating as this will help the brain generate energy from both the food and water. It will also fill the stomach up a bit more, ensure that the person eats less. You will need to drink about half a cup of water for every 100 calories you burn.

There are also many health scares about what is added to water, such as fluoride, but if you feel that you do not wish to drink water due to bacteria and other elements added, you should invest in a water filter that is designed to filter out the unnecessary things in water. In any case, water is extremely healthy and we should all aim to drink as many glasses of it a day as possible. A tip for fizzy drinkers. Drink fizzy water, most often we are addicted to the fizz in the drinks than the sugar and the fizzy water can be a healthy alternative. It is not scientifically proven, but you should give it a go!

Bill Turner is an entrepreneur and family man. He enjoys spending lots of time with his kids and Yorkies. He has a family full of athletes and likes to train on the weekends.