Tips For Improving Your Eyesight

Losing your eyesight can be a scary proposition. Few people realize how dependent they are on their eyes until they suffer through vision problems. Whether through overuse or some other factor you may panic on learning that your vision isn’t what it once was.

Take a deep breath and relax. Following simple, practical tips regularly can improve your vision. By avoiding careless mistakes you can reduce eye strain significantly. Establish healthy habits to improve your eyesight today.

Stretch Them

Stretch your eye muscles to improve flexibility in this area. Focus your eyesight on different objects or in different directions to maintain flexibility. Think of your eyes as you would any muscle in your body; if you don’t stretch regularly you’re bound to suffer from some malady. Stop straining. Start stretching. Remember not to stare at any one object for an extended period of time. Take hourly breaks to look away from your computer. Go for a stroll around the office. Give your eyes a much needed break.

Keep Eyes Moist

Blink regularly to keep your eyes moist. Dry eyes are a leading cause of eye pain and itchiness. If you’re having problems keeping your eyes lubricated consider using eye drops. See your doctor if this problem persists. Pay special attention to blinking regularly when you’re watching TV or sitting at a computer. If you’re concentrating you may forget to blink.


Relaxing the eye area can do wonders for your peepers. Build warmth by rubbing your palms together. Patiently place your hands over your eyes to relax this region. While doing this visualize a relaxing scene. Perhaps you can imagine yourself sitting on a beach with a coconut shake in your hand. Hold this image. Bask in its peaceful, calm vibe. Make sure not to let any light in. If you’re sitting at a desk do this exercise a few times daily to improve your eyesight. Like any part of your body your eyes need rest and relaxation to function properly. You can also switch cold and hot compresses to relax your eye area.

Dull the Light

Make your computer screen less bright to relax your eyes. Just be careful to avoid reflections and don’t make your screen too dark as this may lead to strain. Find the optimal lighting through trial and error. Change settings until you find a screen brightness which is easy on your eyes.


Getting enough sleep each night promotes the rest and recovery of your entire body. Hit the sack early to take care of your eyes. Stop having blurry vision and start seeing clearly again. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Relax your mind and body before going to bed. Cut out caffeine consumption for a restful night’s sleep.

Have Surgery

Consider Lasik surgery to correct your vision. Speak to your doctor about having surgery to improve your vision. Before you do go under the knife use each of the tips noted above to improve your vision organically. Through a disciplined, focused approach you can see more clearly.