Lenovo Y50 – A Laptop Running On Steroids

Lenovo Y50 – A Laptop Running On Steroids

These days’ smart phones and tablets are becoming increasingly powerful. Today a 6th generation iphone packs just as much juice as any starting range desktop computer. But as the processing power of hand held devices is increasing, so is the complexity of the applications running on them. Most of the people who do serious programming and business related work prefer laptops than hand held devices. As a normal user who is just interested in small games, emails and social network, your phone or tablet might suffice but if you need some serious work done, a laptop is still your best bet. In this article we will discuss Lenovo’s Y series’ Y50.

Lenovo Y50 – A Laptop Running On Steroids

  • It’s a Premium Machine with Premium Specs:

It is not your average consumer’s laptop. It packs some serious punch and can deliver exceptional performance. Its superior processing powers can be attributed to its 4th generation Intel i7 processor. It is clocked at 2.5 GHz and has a 6MB cache memory. A point to note is that cache memory seriously affects the speed and performance of a computer. The cache memory in Intel i7 processor is 6MB and is amongst the highest available in its price range. For more technical details on the processor please visit http://www.searchbyproduct.com/

  • Memory:

This laptop features a 16GB DDR3 RAM. You must have heard that increasing the RAM of a computer system increases its performance. You can say that RAM and performance figures are directly proportional to each other. 16GB RAM is good enough for you to do some hardcore gaming and run complex simulations on your machine. Compare this with the RAM that comes with a Play Station 4 and you will get an idea of how much power this machine packs. Both Xbox and ps4 have 8GB of RAM.

  • Hard Disk:

You can choose between the options of a 256 or 512GB hard disk. We know that some of you might be saying that what’s the use of such a low capacity hard disk? You are right, 512GB is too small from today’s standard. But these are not ordinary hard disks. Lenovo Y-50 features a solid state drive that is exponentially faster than conventional drives. This means that the performance of your laptop will be ultra fast and you always have the option of purchasing a portable large capacity drive later on.

  • Verdict:

The laptop doesn’t falls short of features. It also has JBL speakers and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card. The bottom line is that if you want a machine that is ultra fast and portable and if you can afford it, you should buy it without giving it a second thought.