A Quick Guide On Permanent Dentures

A Quick Guide On Permanent Dentures

Many times, it happens that we lose our natural teeth due it illness, accidents or old age. Missing teeth not only make eating difficult but also looks badaesthetically and can affects one’s confidence. When your dentist advises you to replace these missing teeth there are numerous options depending upon price range as well as difficulty of the procedure. These include fixed bridge, implants and dentures.  It is necessary that you weigh the pros and cons of each of these techniques before choosing one so that you are comfortable with the treatment.

Out of all these, getting a permanent denture is a great choice for those who have number of teeth missing and are looking for a permanent solution. So, let us learn more about permanent dentures.

When you get permanent dentures, both the tooth roots as well as the visible structures will be replaced, which is not in case of removable dentures. By replacing both of these, there is less bone loss and the facial structures improve. With such kind of denture, the possibility of dentures slipping out while eating or talking is zero.

A Quick Guide On Permanent Dentures

 Also, since they are firmly attached to the jawbone just your natural teeth they offer better chewing efficiency and bite force compare to other types of dentures, this in turn means that you can enjoy hard food items such as nuts, corn on the cob to name a few.

Talking about the maintenance part of dentures, with permanent type there is no need for any complicated daily procedure. Just like nature teeth, you need to maintain good oral hygiene regimen to avoid tartar and plaque build-up and this is it.  When you take cost into consideration permanent dentures are very affordable both initially and in long run.

All these benefits of permanent denture means that they will not deteriorate overtime and you will not have to visit your dentist again and again for fitting issues.

One thing to remember is that getting permanent dentures requires a surgical procedure. During this procedure the dentist will exam the surrounding tissues, bone and muscle, then the mold of the mouth is taken to create dentures that will fit your perfectly. With improvement in technology there are many varieties of dentures available today. Therefore, it is necessary that you opt for only a well-qualified dentist with years of experience. This way the dentist will ensure that the procedure is conducted only if you qualify for it and the type of denture fitted is apt for your lifestyle. Also, check out permanent dentures cost before selecting one.  

Once you have got permanent dentures, you will find it a bit odd but overtime you will get used to it. Eating will take some practice and most dentists suggest starting with soft food items and gradually adding other textures. Even speaking normally after getting permanent denture will take some time. You will also notice, there will be increased saliva, which is body’s normal reaction to foreign body. All such issues will come back normal in time.