The Market For Serviced Apartments & Villas In Goa

The Market For Serviced Apartments & Villas In Goa

There is no doubt that a booming tourism market would mean t a boom in the real estate market as well, simply because accommodation is sought after from vacationers, investors and retirement settlers. On such market is Goa. Goa is a tiny state located on India’s western coast and is undoubtedly India’s favorite holiday destination. Its beaches, the nightlife and the lifestyle here has got many mesmerized to come back to it or even settle here permanently if not for longer periods.

Many vacationers look for serviced apartments in Goa over a hotel as these apartments are spacious, less expensive and have its own privacy. Home owners were quick to cash-in to this demand from vacationers and have leased out their homes to local companies that manage and rent out their apartments to holidaymakers through the year. These apartments are fully furnished and most have a common pool, clubhouses, recreation facilities and so much more. Plenty of Europeans and Russians vacation in Goa for long periods over the summer and offerings such as serviced apartments make an ideal vacation home. The cost of living here is inexpensive therefore many prefer to vacation for months together soaking up the sun.

Villas in Goa are also sought after by vacationers travelling in groups or even for those looking to spend their vacation in the lap of luxury. You have these types of accommodations available on a weekly as well as a daily basis, the minimum being a two nights –three day stay. Majority of the villas would be a minimum of three bedrooms and stretch to a even six to eight bedrooms. These villas are fully furnished and packed with all modern amenities. You can also rent out villas with your own private pools, chauffer driven vehicles and also private chefs.

Rentals vary depending on the season, which begins in September and goes until March for international tourists and then continues with domestic bookings. Booking in advance is highly recommended. You willfind pretty much everything you need during your stay in Goa and homeowners do the best they can to make your stay as comfortable as they can.

Serviced apartments and villas have several common amenities such as housekeeping, fully functional kitchens etc., but it is the villas that pack in the luxuries like the Jacuzzi’s, barbecue’s sets, private spa areas and more. You will find plenty of these property offerings in the coastal areas of Goa, as majority of the rentals arise from the tourists visiting the state.