Top 6 Plastic Surgery Procedures In Singapore

Top 6 Plastic Surgery Procedures In Singapore

Plastic surgery is starting to gain wide acceptance and popularity among Singaporeans as the K-pop culture rises and societal pressure to look good all the time increases. 

Singapore’s top 6 plastic surgery procedures include creating double eyelids, getting rid of fats, breast enlargements, and face lifts. 

However as affluent as we get, the true blue Singaporean is always searching for offers that will cost the least but have the most effect.

Double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

We don’t know who made the rules but it seems that Asians see double eyelids as being really attractive. While blepharoplasty is Singapore ‘s main cosmetic treatment. 

If you are Caucasian or Indian, your profound-set eyes would probably plummet beautifully, but the only hope for most Asians (especially Chinese) is blepharoplasty or double-eyelid surgery.

Nose thread lift

An alternative to rhinoplasty is a nose thread lift. The surgeon places threads of polydixanone (PDO) under your nose ‘s skin along the bridge and tip, and these “threads” act as structures which shape your nose. The treatment takes a shorter period, and from the 2 weeks of rhinoplasty, recovery time is also reduced to 3-5 days.

One of the downsides of thread lift is that it’s not permanent. The threads dissolve and simulate the development of collagen and tissue fibroblasts after 6 to 8 months which elevate the nose bridge for another half year. The results of nose thread lift will last as long as 18 months.

Liposuction and body contouring

Liposuction is Singapore’s number three cosmetic treatment. This sucks fats from your fat cells, helping you hit “trouble spots” like the tummy, stomach, ass, back and arms. Did you know, fat cells don’t get destroyed? They just expand and shrink, depending on the body’s fat deposits.

When you think you’ve been really careful but stubborn fats just don’t seem to go anywhere, you might consider taking liposuction. But remember that this is not a permanent solution for weight loss but only for contouring the body. New forms of liposuction, too, exist. Another modern form is called VASER, which uses ultrasound to “melt away” the fats. Your skin gets tightened in the process too.

Rhinoplasty or nose job

Rhinoplasty is the “nose job” scientific name. Most Asian women covet a thin, high nose bridge that makes the face look more three-dimensional, or a smaller nose not taking up too much space on the face. You’ll need to recover for 2 weeks before you can return to your usual routine, up to one month to complete healing. Residual swelling in your nose takes up to a year to completely subside..

Face lift or rhytidectomy

When you grow older the skin loses its elasticity. Some blame gravity, but it’s mostly because of biology and skincare how easily this happens. There are 2 different types of face lifts. The conventional face-lift includes making a hairline incision from your jaw. The surgeon who removes the taut skin until they repair the gap. 

Women have been seeking out the less invasive Endoline Ribbon Lift in recent years, also known as non-operative face lift, where the surgeon makes a slight cut in your hairline and drops the endoline ribbon down to your jowls. This lifts your face but it doesn’t have a lasting effect. In 1 to 2 years, the ribbon would melt and the lifting impact could theoretically last for 7 years.