Parents and Troubled Teens

Parents and Troubled Teens

Parents and Troubled Teens

As soon as kids move into their teens, parents buy them new phones or tablets. Most of the parents prefer iPhones and iPads for their kids because Apple’s devices are considered a safe haven in terms of security. However, instead of utilizing these devices for their studies, kids start to spend most of their time socializing with different people some of which are good for them while some of them aren’t. This can lead to a lot of problems. Although parents realize this, they can’t really do anything because they lack the tools to do the intervention. However, parental controls provide them with a simple yet effective solution to cope with these issues. Equipped with a variety of powerful features, these iPhone and iPad parental controls empower parents to play an active role in their kids’ lives.

Parental Controls

iPhones and iPad parental controls help parents in keeping check on the online activities of their children. Furthermore, these controls come with the option that allows parents to track their children’s location, hence keeping them aware of where their children are all the time. Another great feature that is present in almost all of parental control apps is the ability to keep tabs on children’s activity on social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Usage of social networking platforms has been on the rise and this is where most of the activity occurs nowadays, making it the best place to monitor children’s activities. If through this monitoring, you come to know that something bad is happening in your kids’ lives then you can deal with the situation in timely and safe manner.


Another big issue of the digital age is cyberbullying which has run rampant nowadays. There is a possibility that your kids are also facing this major problem or are among the kids causing it. Most of the parents don’t even know that their kids were causing havoc in their schools before the parents of other kids complained. It was the same case the other way around as there were kids who cyberbullied to a point where they couldn’t take it anymore and decided to commit suicide. Parents upon asking revealed that they weren’t even aware that their children were going through such predicament.

Porn Addiction

This is another major problem that parents are unable to deal with even with their best efforts. However, with the help of parental controls mentioned above, you can minimize this problem as almost all of the monitoring apps come with blocking feature and safe search. Block feature allows parents to block any website which seem harmful to them. Safe search on the other hand only show results that don’t contain any adult content, hence keeping your kids safe.

Lack of Communication

Kids by nature want to explore new stuff and when they are told not to, they don’t like it. This is the main reason a lot of kids don’t like their parents and want to leave their homes as soon as they can. This problem can be avoided quite easily if parents are regularly communicating with their kids and are explaining them why some things just aren’t good for them. Parents have to develop friendly relationship with their kids so that both parties can talk to each other about everything with ease.