Must Have Tools For Your Woodworking Workshop

Must Have Tools For Your Woodworking Workshop

If you are a new woodworker, then you can be very confused regarding which all tools you’ll need to complete your first projects.

So to fix your confusion, below is a small list of tools, which will be used by you throughout your profession.

These tools will help you to reach the best of your project easily and efficiently. Hope this article helps you.

1. Router

One of the most crucial tools is a router. No work can be done without it. You must make sure that the router you are going to use has a power of at least 2 HP.

Later you can also use plunge router, but if your budget is small then you must buy it later as it won’t be very handy during your first projects.

Must Have Tools For Your Woodworking Workshop

2. Router Table

A High Quality router table is necessary if you’re planning to undertake complex projects. They help us in achieving the perfects cuts and designs to your craft.

You must make sure that your router table matches your selected router or else it won’t be of any use and will just increase the cost on purchase of another router table.

Here’s a list of the Best Benchtop router tables. However, in my opinion, Kreg Router tables are the best in class.

3. Compound Miter Saw

You must have a compound miter saw as it will allow you cutting compound angles on the ends of a work piece.

Generally compound miter saw is used by professionals at higher level of wood crafts, but there is n harm if you perfect your craft with this tool before its use is required.

4. Table Saw

Table saw are very useful if you are going to work on complex projects unlike circular saw which is preferred for simple projects, table saw is used for obtaining perfection in wood craft .For a true woodcutter, the table saw is the soul of his workshop. So make sure you buy the best table saw.

5. Jig Saw

Jig saw is tool which helps a woodcutter in obtaining various artistic designs and cuts. It is mainly used for getting circular and curve cuts in your inventory. You must have one as it will be very handy no matter you are a beginner or a professional.

6. Power Drill

If you are planning to work on a small and simple project, then you can use a easy to handle cordless drill, but if your project is complex and of long duration then you must invest in power drill as it will just help you in getting the desired results.

7. Circular Saw

Though circular saw is widely considered as a carpenter’s tool still it is a very useful tool for woodcutters.

You can get this saw at half a price and will definitely work as fine as a router table. So using it will help you in saving the cost which one incurs on expensive router tables.