How To Fix Extension Spring Pulleys

Although garage door springs have a bad reputation for lasting only for a few years, it is pulley damage which makes operation impossible at times. The pulleys are part of the extension spring system and can be ruined easily. Once they are split or break, the door won’t work. It might sag, jam or fall. In any case, the news is not good and that’s why it’s a good idea to give attention to these garage door parts in order to avoid such problems. If bolts securing them are loose or not in good condition, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible instead of waiting till the pulley splits in two. The pulleys can wear out over the years or the ball bearings might break. When there is something wrong with the pulley, the cable won’t move properly and the door will most likely stop moving. The door won’t close properly and if you try to open it, it will just jam.

What to do when pulleys wear and tear:

* Call Garage Door Repair Moorpark for immediate help

* Don’t open the door because it might jam

* Even if the pulleys are not completely ruined, avoid using the door so the cable won’t be frayed or get broken

* Stay away from the door since pulleys are connected with the garage door extension springs and one can never be sure if they might snap

Replacing Pulleys is not Easy

Always remember that pulleys are replaced with the overhead door open and the opener unplugged plus disengaged. Since, the door cannot open without jamming, you must be very careful when raising it. Don’t grab it from the center because it might jam. The door will bump in the broken pulley and won’t move. So, don’t put any force. You must hold the door as it is opening upwards and help it pass through the worn pulley. Once it is open, make sure it is secured there with c-clamps.

With the door open, the springs will be loose enough to remove the cable clip from the s-hook. Once the cable is removed, remove the nut and bolt, which hold the pulley attached on the garage door track. Remove the pulley off the track and bolt off the pulley and if the latter is in good condition, insert it in the new pulley and tighten it back on the track with your fingers. Then move on to replacing the second pulley on this side of the door. Remove the nut, cable and bolt off the pulley. Here is the hardest part. The cable and the pulley fork, which connects the pulley with the spring, must not be rotated or the pulley will rotate every time the door moves. You just have to drop the old pulley and use the new one to connect it with the fork and cable. Once the nut is tightened on the bolt, you can put back the cable clip on the s-hook.

If you notice that the spring sags, the cable must be tightened. In order to do that, remove the cable clip of the s-hook once more and pull the cable near the clip till it is tightened and the spring doesn’t sag anymore. The excess part must be fastened and the cable clip must be put back on the hook. Once done, check the balance of the door to make sure it works okay, closes all the way, and nothing sags.