Three Women’s Fashion Items to Look Trendy this Year

2013 has seen the rise of many “retro” trends – i.e. aesthetics that were once popular in the seventies and eighties. These have seen a resurgence in modern times and a now have a large number of takers. These include variations of retro inspired cuts, colors, fabrics and even accessories.


Simultaneously, a lot of new accessories are becoming hip and exciting. This is a roundup of the four essential accessories that you need in your wardrobe this year to look trendy, hip and sophisticated. Surprisingly, they are not very expensive – it is possible you already have them in your wardrobe, and really have not paid much attention to them.


This year, big sequins and shiny detailing will be back, but it will not be garish and outlandish. Minimal, yet clear detailing will be a key fashion statement, and gloves, in luxurious wool, felt and leather will also sport these trends. Winter will see the classic black leather gloves make a return, in sync with the perennial favorite – the women’s fitted black leather jackets that taper at the waist to give you a fitted, look.  They will be perfect for a night out on the town when you are walking to the club during a cold winter night

Hair Accessories

Popular hair accessories like hair clips will be popular in bright metal detailing, in colors like rust and auburn. These are not only stylish and allow you to make a statement, but not loud, as to draw attention and look garish.  That means you can wear them in formal wear, as well as in a smart casual outfit.
Metalwork on hairclips will be a big favorite, as it appeals to a variety of age groups- from teenagers to women in their forties.

They are affordable, and not only are they available in a variety of colors, but they serve as great tourism mementoes to pick up wherever you go. Hair Accessories by Fascinatorsnet are affordable, and available in a huge range that has been recently updated for contemporary fashion needs.


Denims are trendy year after year – there are so many options that denims can never go out of style. And, they make you look good. Everyone loves denims because a well worn pair of jeans or a jacket begins to mould itself on the contours of your body.

Baggy denims are finally on their way out, and inspired by legging and “jeggings” (denim legging, based on jeans), the year will see super-fitted denims, in a lot of fraying and a prominent acid damaged look. Denim that is designed to show a frayed look over time are also going to become fashionable. These are a great investment, as you’re getting a pair of stylish jeans that will provide you a variety of looks over the years.  Explore the Fascinators Australia website for taking a look at a wide range of exciting contemporary options of fascinators and Hair Accessories by Fascinatorsnet.