The Unknown Health Benefits of Red Wine

We all know that red wine, in small doses, is good for us. In actual fact, there are a variety of health benefits in this grape-based drink that you may be unaware of. If you enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in the evening, it’s likely that you feel a tad guilty about this indulgence. Don’t! You’re doing your body a favour, if you drink red wine in moderate quantities.

As if we needed an excuse.

Heart Health

The lion’s share of research has gone into how effective red wine is for protecting your cardiovascular system. Think of it as a purple/red knight that’s come to save your heart from evil cholesterol. Moderate consumption of red wine significantly reduces your likelihood of contracting heart disease by reducing blood pressure and boosting good cholesterol in the body. Oh, and it inhibits blood clot formation.

Declog your pipes by drinking one glass of red wine every evening. Gentleman, you can get away with drinking two (at tops!).

Improved Memory

Unless you were born with an eidetic (photographic) memory, it’s likely that you’ve experienced some uncomfortable situations, where you can’t remember where you left your keys or why you walked into the living room in the first place. The bad news is, as you get older, your powers of recollection continue to diminish. Good news: wine-drinkers can slow down this degenerative process.

According to research, people aged 75 years or older, who drank up to two glasses of red wine a day, had 37% less risk of developing dementia than non-drinkers. Your likelihood of developing any neurological degenerative disease is slashed, if you’re a regular, moderate red wine drinker.

Bone Health

Recent studies have shed light on some evidence that red wine increases bone density, making you less likely to injure yourself severely with a fracture. That is provided you don’t drink the whole bottle and then fall over because you’re sloshed. One glass a day rule!

Post-Workout Bliss

We’ve all been there. You give it your all in a workout, or you try something new, and for the next few days, you’re in for a world of pain. Muscle soreness and inflammation can have you limping to work the next day, cursing your fitness instructor with brandished fists.

Using red wine as a reward for your efforts can speed up your recovery time! When the going gets tough, not only does red wine act as a lovely painkiller, but it promotes cell regeneration throughout the body. The anti-inflammatory effect of the resveratrol in red wine soothes muscles and the melatonin (a drowsy chemical) helps you achieve a deep, blissful sleep for optimal recovery.

Better Digestion

Although alcohol is detrimental to some tummy problems, if you can integrate small amounts into your diet without causing upset, it’s well worth the effort. Drinking red wine before a meal gets your digestion juices flowing, ready for your main meal. Not only does it help break down food, but it supports the healthy bacteria in your gut. Happier tummies make for happier people!

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