Cotton Fabrics For Workout – Its Advantages And Drawbacks

Cotton Fabrics For Workout - Its Advantages And Drawbacks

Cotton is one of the largely used fibers all over the world. It is very soft as well as comfortable to wear. Cotton is hypoallergenic in nature, so it will not cause you any allergies or irritate your sensitive skin. Your favorite jeans, t-shirt, blouses, sweaters, and undergarments are usually made from cotton.

Many of you may have experienced that your gym wear often stinks days, after the workout. Some of the fabric traps much more sweat than other. The skin germs fed on the chemicals present in the sweat turns them into compounds of pungent odor, which the bacteria then fart out. Cotton is a natural fabric that can absorb this stench. You can check sportswear reviews on Fabletics and get an idea about the fabric, quality and flexibility aspects of the best workout gear.

Cotton Fabrics For Workout - Its Advantages And Drawbacks

Benefits of using Cotton workout outfits

Following are some main benefits, which makes cotton cloths great for workout:

  • Cotton is Breathable – Cotton is a natural fabric, which allows the circulation of air to pass through and prevents the fungi from flourishing in dark and moist environment. It means cotton will make you sweat lesser. Synthetic fabrics usually don’t have this facility thereby encouraging yeast or fungi to flourish.
  • Cotton is Natural – Cotton is found naturally and doesn’t contain any chemicals.
  • Cotton is soft – This fabric is very soft and can soak up sweat generated during your workout because of its absorbent nature.
  • Ease of maintenance – Cotton clothes can be easily washed in your washing machine along with other wardrobe clothes.
  • Inexpensive and versatile – Workout clothes made of cotton are relatively inexpensive as compared to the synthetic fabrics. They are also extremely versatile in nature.
  • Strong – Cotton fabrics are usually durable, strong and can resist abrasion. They can withstand repeated washings in hot water.

Some Drawbacks

However, despite of its easy availability and less odor, cotton fabric is not the best one for your workout as:

  • Gym cloth comprising of 100% cotton may lose its shape, so that your knees would bag out even if you are standing in a cotton workout pant.
  • The sweat absorbed by the cotton doesn’t simply dry away, which leaves you with a tacky sensation.
  • Cotton shrinks when dried or washed on a very high setting. Cotton clothes don’t last long as compared to the more advanced fabrics, specifically designed for workout.

The combination of cotton with material like Spandex eases potential misshapes and also prevents them from wrinkles. However, it is recommended to use 100% cotton pants in order to minimize potential for yeast infections as well as itching.

While you buy a workout gear there is a need to see attire that is relatively close-fitting to your body. Tight fitting clothes are lot safer than baggy clothes. In order to prevent your clothes from trapping the workout odor or smell, hybrid clothing is recommended. In these types of hybrid outfits, the fabric or clothe which comes in contact with your armpit will be made of cotton and the rest could be made from synthetic fabric that will accumulate lesser heat and be more comfortable.