8 Fun Places To Visit In Milan With Kids

Milan is Italy’s business center, which may seem somewhat dull and boring for children. But in fact, this might be only their first impression of the city, because there are many places in Milan, where you can find great activities for your children.
So, if you are still puzzling your head over the things to do with your kids in Milan, steal these superb entertainment ideas for your next family trip!

#1: Take a walk on the roof of Duomo cathedral
Taking a walk with a child on the roof of the main cathedral of the city may turn into a real adventure! The roof is composed of multiple levels interconnected by numerous passages, galleries and staircases.
In addition, there are lots of statues of saints, heroes of legends, historical characters along with mythical birds, animals and monsters, which look even more striking than if you admire them from the square outside the cathedral.
Address: Piazza del Duomo

#2: Go to Muba Children’s Museum
A visit to this museum will bring a lot of pleasure to your children, since they can be involved in various interactive activities there. For example, until September 14th children can participate in the game named “Il mercato delle storie” (“Fairy Fair”). Inside of the pavilion, there’s a real market with sellers, trays and wooden booths. Each counter is devoted to a fairy-tale item – a title, magic paraphernalia, characters, landscapes and secrets. Moving from one counter to another, children can “buy” the necessary ingredients to create a unique story. The culmination point of the game is sharing stories and reading them to each other.
Address: Via Enrico Besana, 12

#3: Take a ride on the old tram
You can arrange an unusual sightseeing route on the old tram with wooden benches and creaking doors.
For example, the Tram №2 runs through the whole city. You can catch it at Porta Genova stop. The tram passes by the Duomo Square and stops near the famous Parco Sempione. While admiring the beautiful streets and ancient facades from the windows of the tram, you can make up some interesting story about the city and its inhabitants and tell it to your kid. Such a trip can be really fascinating!

#4: Arrange a picnic in a secret park
There are several large parks In Milan, where you can lie on the grass, ride on a swing or a small train with your children. The only drawback of such places is that usually they are very crowded.
Therefore, it’s recommended to opt for a charming park near the Roman amphitheater, which only the local parents know about. This park is a perfect open-air spot where you can frolic with your kids and nobody will disturb you.
Address: Via De Amicis, 17

8 Fun Places To Visit In Milan With Kids

#5: Visit the Museum of Science and Technology
The museum is named after Leonardo da Vinci and one of the most interesting exhibits of the museum is the collection of his inventions. All the presented exhibits were created according to the illustrations of the genius. Among the exhibits are a tank, a helicopter, cannons, a submarine, a loom, as well as the famous flying machine, similar to a hang glider. But in addition to that there are some other important inventions on display – a locomotive, a pendulum, a telephone and a telescope.
On the ground floor of the museum, there’s a room called “i.lab”, where different lectures are held. During the lectures children have the opportunity to study the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci in detail.
Address: Milan via San Vittore, 21

#6: Find a ghost in Sforza Castle
This huge castle is the pride of Milanese, which belonged to the Sforza – a great Italian dynasty, which is associated with the best period in the history of the city. You can simply take a tour to the castle, but there’s something more interesting that your kids can do there.

8 Fun Places To Visit In Milan With Kids

The local cultural association “Opera d’Arte” organizes fun pastime for kids in the castle. For example, the organizers will ask the kids to find a ghost living in the castle. The children will get sheets and some paint to create their own masks and afterwards they will be invited to get acquainted with the local ghosts.
Address: Piazza Castello

#7: Go to Guzzafame Farm
The farm is located just in 20 minutes’ drive from Milan, where you can easily get with your kids by a rental car. On the farm children can learn about rural life and communicate with animals. Each Sunday, starting from March, the owner of the farm provides free tours for everyone.
In addition, there’s a restaurant on the farm, and during Sunday lunch the animators are entertaining the kids. The adults can buy farm products in the local shop.
Address: S.S. Cascina Guzzafame, 20083 Gaggiano, Italy

#8: Have lunch in Anadima Bistro
Very often a visit to a restaurant with small kids may turn into a complete disaster, but if you go Anadima Bistro you shouldn’t worry about anything. In this establishment they know how children usually get bored during the meal while sitting with their parents and listening to their talks. The small visitors of the restaurant will get funny toys, crayons, pencils, and other various materials for creative work. The best children’s crafts are used for the interior of Anadima Bistro.
The menu includes children’s portions with mini-prices. For example, Sunday brunch for a kid will cost €12, while for adults – €22. If your children are picky and can’t choose anything from the offered meals, they can be served a mini pasta Al pomodoro or mini hamburgers.
Address: Via Pavia, 10

As you can see, Milan can be a very interesting destination not only for the fans of shopping. So, next time when planning a trip to Milan, don’t hesitate whether to take your children with you or not, because this city can fascinate travelers of any age!

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