6 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest

6 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest

As humans, we like routine, we get used to our weekly schedule usually consisting of a typical 9-5, mid-week drinks, crazy Saturday nights and Sunday morning headaches. Sometimes it’s good to break that routine and stop to enjoy life, create memories and develop yourself. If you’re not in a position to quit the stability of office life and embark on a journey of ‘finding yourself’ across south-east Asia then you’ll have to think outside the box. Do something different, step outside of your routine and try out a new activity or learn a new skill. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, YOLO and all that after all…
6 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest

  1. Try A New Sport

As adults it’s hard to find time, and easy to make excuses, to not participate in sports. After all we had enough of that with the dreaded sports days throughout our school lives. However joining your local netball team or dance class can offer more than just fitness benefits, it’s a great opportunity to socialise, makes new friends and get yourself out there!

  1. Go Skydiving

Ever feel liking doing something crazy but find you keep holding yourself back? Just stop and go for it! Forget your fears and experience something new, adrenaline enhancing and exciting. If you fancy skydiving in Milton Keynes, there are companies offering parachute jumps from just £165 with a whole host of amazing testimonials just to boost your confidence a little if you’re feeling a bit nervous!

  1. Take A Cooking Class

Because let’s face it, that supermarket lasagne ready meal is doing nada for your health. Free up an hour or two of your evening each week and sign up to a local cooking class, learn how to make some tasty new meals and you’ll probably have a few laughs along the way too. Think of all those dinner party opportunities now, hey.

  1. Learn A New Language

For when you ARE ready for that around-the-world trip, a second language will take you far. Even knowing the basics of Spanish, Italian and French will enable you to differentiate your chaussettes from your chaussures (google translate it). Time spent learning a new language is extremely beneficial, you’ll soon pick up the basis and start to feel reaaaally smug about your new-found intelligence.

  1. Breathe In That Countryside Air

Especially if you’re a city dweller, treat those lungs to some fresh countryside air and clear your mind by hopping on the train and taking the odd weekend outside of the city. Explore somewhere you haven’t been before, unearth your hiking shoes and enjoy that thing you learnt about in school called nature! You’ll be surprised at just how much good a weekend away from technology and emails can do for the mind and soul, don’t be afraid to turn that 3G off and unwind. You’ll be floating back to the office, trust us.

  1. Go Surfing

Don’t pretend you’ve never had that wild dream of packing up your life and escaping to a Hawaii for a life on the beach, with a surfboard in one hand and cocktail in the other. We’ve all been there. Luckily we have water here too, and sand, hoorah! We recommend Newquay for the some of the best waves, so grab that wetsuit and hang 10! Though you should probably wait until July time unless you want pneumonia.