How to Avoid Auto Warranty Scams

The auto-warranty business generates a lot of revenue annually, so it is not surprising that scammers should lock onto the market. People are often blanket-bombed by scammers, finding notes in their letterbox, receiving phone calls, and also getting emails suggesting that great deals on auto warranty are available, if only the customer would sign up to ‘X’. However, if the person signs up for the auto warranty deal, they may find that their money is simply taken away, and they do not get any cover for their vehicle. Sadly, the time they usually discover this is when their cars have broken down, and they need the cover to help pay the cost of repairs. In order to avoid being stuck in this type of situation, you should make sure that you know all about avoiding auto warranty scams.
Watch out for Unfamiliar Auto Warranty Businesses
If you receive regular phone calls from a company that is offering auto warranty, but you have never heard of them before, and you can’t find them when you search for warranty deals online, then you might be being scammed. Even if the phone calls are genuine, it is probably best not to sign up with them, as you could find the company goes bust, leaving you without cover.
Don’t Get Auto Warranty from your Car Dealer
If you are being pressured into buying auto warranty from the person selling you your car, then you should be very careful. Watch out for suggestions that you will have to take out the warranty or your payment will not be approved. This is a very common way of parting someone from their money, and is not at all true. You should also avoid being persuaded that warranties need to be bought now. They don’t.
Check up the Auto Warranty Company
Whenever you take out auto warranty, you should avoid giving your credit card details to the company until you are sure that they are genuine. Do this by making sure that their phone numbers and address are accurate. Scammers often won’t have the resources to fund offices, so this is one way you can tell if the company are who they claim to be. Have them call you, and then call back immediately just to be sure that you have the right person. You can also find their address online, and give that number a call.
Don’t Make Up-Front Payments
You should also never make up-front payments for anything until you have seen the relevant documents. Get a solicitor to check them through, if you are unsure about anything that the document says.
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