5 Must-Wear Tops With Leggings

Leggings have become a fashion statement in such a short span of time. They were primarily introduced in the eighties but now they are back and everyone from celebrities, high-fashion people and business executives are seen wearing leggings.

Leggings are multipurpose and can be worn with any long top or dress. They are available in bold colors for everyday wear and textured and patterned designs for functions and weekends. You can throw on colored leggings with a plain or a funky top with wholesale denim leggings. Leggings are immensely popular but some people still dislike them at times as they are unable to decide how to wear them to look stylish. They can be worn by any woman keeping their age and body type in mind.

Here are Some of the Best Alternatives:


Tunics are much-loved by many women to pair with leggings. Many women adore tunics because they make them look slim. If they are created in silk, cotton or polyester they don’t cling to your body and make the outfit look appalling. Tunics should cut off about mid-thigh. Lean women may think that tunics will make them look slimmer because of their short length. Women who are short should wear the entire outfit in one color as that would make them look taller.

Loose Tees

If you are looking for comfort then you must team up your leggings with a loose tee. It may look plain at first but if you accessorize it properly, it will look trendy and hip.The tee that you wear should be oversized from the neck or shoulder so that you can even wear it off the shoulder or wear another t-shirt beneath. The loose-fitting tee can be croppedand worn with a long top. You can even wear these tees with a pair of wholesale denim leggings. If you think it will look very casual then team it up with some chunky jewellery to give it a jazzy look.


People generally get confused between a caftan and a tunic. Well, they are undoubtedly very different.Tunics are of mid-thigh length whereas caftans reach the bottom of the calf. You can team up a designer caftan with plain leggings to make it look fabulous. Shorter women should wear knee length caftans as that will prevent them from looking shorter.Taller women can definitely wear longer caftans.

Short Dresses

Mini dresses look good on women with long legs. A great way to wear a mini dress is with leggings. If worn in a monochromatic way it will make you look slender. You can don a short dress and leggings on different occasions and dress up accordingly – for instance for the office, you can wear a formal blazer on top of the dress to give it a corporate look; for an outing, wear it with boots and a sweater. To make it look more casual wear wholesale denim leggings. For a party, accessorize with long earrings, a clutch and high heels.

Asymmetrical Tops

Asymmetrical tops have been in style for quite some time now. If sported with leggings they can add some fun element to the outfit. Earlier, lop-sided tops were shorter on one side and longer on the other. But now-a-days, this style has changed a bit. They are shorter in the front and longer in the back. They look very dramatic and can be easily carried. Wear it with wholesale denim leggings to give it a casualappearance.