10 Reasons Making Your Own Occasions Cards Is A Great Idea

Buying birthday cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards and any occasion card can be a bit annoying, especially when you know what you want, but nowhere seems to have it! Perhaps it’s a specific term that none of the card companies seem to use like ‘nana’, or it’s a certain picture you want on the front of the card. Certain ‘make your own’ cards companies go some way to making the cards more fitting and personal, but lets face it, you’re still confined by the pre designs and ideas of each particular site. So the only way to make occasions cards that really hit the nail on the head, is to make them yourself, and here are 10 reasons why that’s a great idea:

It’s Fun!

Lets just be selfish for a second and recognise the fact that making your own cards can be really fun! It’s a really useful and creative way to spend an afternoon, especially if you have tons of craft stuff you’ve been dying to play with. Youtube channels have lots of fun ideas for you to follow and once you’ve made some pretty professional looking cards, you will want to do it again! Get the newspaper laid down, get your craft box out, make a cuppa and put the radio on – you will have fun!


It’s Thoughtful

All greetings cards are thoughtful but they’re so much more thoughtful when you’ve put time into making your own. It’s the same as the difference between a box of chocolates bought from a shop, and a handmade cake – one is just so much more personal and thoughtful. So even if you don’t have the time or money to make all your gifts yourself, the recipient will at least know you have made the effort to make them their very own personalised card.

You Can Make It Personalised

As we were saying at the beginning of the article – sometimes the cards in the shop are simply not what you’re looking for, which is why making them yourself guarantees you something you know hits the mark. Perhaps you know the person receiving the card loves rainbows, so you can create them a bright and beautiful card with every colour on, and maybe even a little rainbow themed poem inside. Or perhaps they love cats and vintage clothing – why not design an Elvis cat card complete with Elvis lyrics inside? The possibilities are endless when you’re using your own imagination!

It’s Easy

If you’re not that creative, handmade greetings cards might not be super easy for you, but remember, no matter how ‘rustic’ your card looks, the point is you took the time and effort to make it yourself. It isn’t hard to take some beautiful Handy Hippo Crafts supplies and turn them into something attractive, especially when your words are written inside. And if you are creative then this craft project should be a walk in the park for you, the recipient might not even guess it’s handmade!

It’s ECO Friendly

There are no big printing machines or plastic wrapping involved in making and presenting these cards, or air/ road miles travelled to deliver the cards to the shops. Making your own is always more ECO friendly than buying ready made, unless you fork out the extra cash for cards that are completely ECO friendly. Do the planet a favour and get creative, it’s better for you, the recipient and the earth.

It’s Cost Effective

Cards from the shops can cost as much as £5.00 a piece depending on the type of card you buy. Making something just as beautiful and elaborate as that yourself will not cost you the same per card, it will cost you less. So although you are spending the extra time making the cards, the money you spend on the materials will be cheaper per card than the amount you would spend at the shops per ready made greetings card. Every penny saved…

You Can Make A Lot In One Go

If you have lots of peoples birthdays coming up, or perhaps Christmas is approaching, you can make lots of cards in one go to save time. They could even all be the same design if you wanted them to be.

The Kids Can Get Involved

The kids can get involved in making cards, which makes for a really fun afternoon. They will love getting extra creative with the craft box and family and friends will love receiving cards designed by the young artists they know and love.