Buying Engagement Rings

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An engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewellery that you will ever buy. You’ll want to get it right and avoid the scenario of your big romantic proposal being marred by your fiancée’s look of disappointment when she sees the ring. A diamond ring is the traditional choice for an engagement ring and a little research before you buy the ring will help you make the right choice.

Understanding Diamonds

Each diamond is defined by the 4 Cs. These are cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. The cut of a diamond probably has the most impact on its quality. A well cut diamond will appear to have more brilliance as the angles of the diamond determine how much light it can reflect. A poorly cut diamond will not reflect light outwards.
If a jeweller refers to the colour of a diamond when talking about its quality then they actually are talking about a lack of colour. A clear diamond is the most prized as it allows more light to pass through the diamond which increases the sparkle and brilliance.
The weight of a diamond is assessed as the carat weight. Large diamonds are more expensive because of their rarity so you will have to consider your budget. Also think about the size of your fiancée’s hand as a large ring could swamp slender fingers.
Diamonds are formed by a natural process so it is normal to have small flaws or blemishes within the stone. The clarity of a diamond refers to whether it has any significant flaws. A completely flawless diamond is very rare and very expensive.

Choose Something She Will Like

Jewellery is often a matter of personal taste so it can be difficult to buy for someone else. Before you start to look at diamond rings perhaps you should consider the type of jewellery that your prospective fiancée wears. Do they favour larger costume style jewellery or smaller understated pieces? Try to put yourself in their shoes rather than looking for rings that you like.

Set a Budget

Tradition used to say that you should spend 2 – 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring but you should consider how much you can really afford instead of acquiring a large debt. It is best to set yourself a budget before shopping and keep to it!

Online Jewellers vs. High Street

Online jewellers have grown in popularity. High Street jewellers have the advantage that you can see the rings before deciding but most online jewellers will offer a returns policy and money back guarantee. You’d have the luxury to look at rings in your own time and you can ask questions by email. Most online jewellers are able to offer lower prices because they do not have the financial overheads associated with a shop.

Second Hand Jewllery vs. New

Many people will only consider new rings but a second-hand ring that has been restored and polished can look just as good and will often have a lower price. If your prospective fiancée enjoys vintage clothes then a second hand ring may appeal to them.


After researching the type of diamond ring that you want to buy and perhaps doing some window shopping, you may feel confident enough to go ahead and make a purchase. However if you still are uncertain then consider if there’s anyone that you can confide in who knows your prospective fiancée well and can give you some useful advice
Ross Davies writing for DeBretts Jewellery the leaders in bespoke jewellery and online jewellery.