What Funeral Directors Will Never Tell You?

When a loved one passes away planning a funeral in a short span of time can be hectic. Many people in their effort to do things quickly overlook a number of points which could help them save money. So, funeral directors often take advantage of this situation by forgetting to mention important points which can help grieving family members save money. That said not all funeral directors are the same but if you want to be able to make out exactly what the funeral director you are dealing with is not telling you then keep the below points in mind.
Just do it! Funeral planning

When you are planning a funeral always think twice before paying for anything in advance especially if you are planning your own funeral. There is always this risk that you will lose everything that you’ve paid if the funeral home goes bust before you die. A better idea would be choose a funereal home which has been around for a very long time, you see them doing lots of business and you have it on good account that they are financially stable. Alternatively, you would want to put your money into a pay on death type account or a regular savings account where it accumulates interest.

If the Diseased is an Honorable Discharge Military Person

If you or your spouse was honorably discharged from the military then burial is free usually at the nearest Veterans Affairs National Cemetery. The burial will include the vault, grave, closing marker, opening marker, and even the setting fee. Make sure that you contact the department of the military your spouse was discharged from to find out about what they can offer, as this will save you quite a bit of money.

The Cheap Caskets are just as nice

Many funeral directors sell caskets for thousands of dollars and they may say that these are exquisitely made, with special silk and wood etc. However, these very same or just as nice caskets which you see in their showrooms for thousands of dollars can be purchased from online stores or even cheaper from the manufacturer.

If you are Environmentally conscious or on a Budget

If this is the case then you should consider buying a rental casket. This way the body will stay inside the casket within a cardboard container which will later be removed and buried or will be cremated. This can possibly save you hundreds of dollars and many funeral directors will push against having such an arrangement but it’s both eco friendly and cheap!

Funeral Directors Forget to tell you about their Refrigeration Holding unit

It goes without saying that running a funeral home without a good refrigeration holding unit around is akin to running a restaurant without a freezer. However, interestingly many funeral homes forget to offer refrigeration if you need to keep the body fresh until a few of your relatives arrive and is because they try to sell you more expensive options like embalming. If the viewing is within a few days you do not have to spend lots of money on embalming but rather just keep the body cool.

Beware of these Hard Sell Phrases

Many funeral directors will use phrases like “given who you are in the community…”, “I know you want the best for your father, mother or sister etc….”, “I know your mother she was a person with great taste…” these types of phrases are intended to sell you more expensive caskets and funeral options.

Should you really Buy protective Caskets that have Rubber Gaskets?

Interestingly even though many funeral directors may try sell you these, they do not stop decomposition. Rather the moisture and gases accumulate within the casket which can cause it to explode.

Ask for a cheap Casket

Ask the funeral home to give you a cheap casket. They usually have these hidden in the boiler room or the basement only for people who ask for them. But they will forget to mention that they have one.

See individual Prices

In addition to taking a look at the funereal home’s packages also ask to see an individual breakdown of their prices. Sometimes these packages include services that you can live without. Leading funeral homes like Sydney based Heavens Own recommends that people buy a package that has everything that they want.

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