5 Steps To Summer Hair

Summer is here, and as you step out with your bronzed legs and bikini bod at the park, beach or beer garden this summer, you want to look great from head to toe. But keeping on top of your hairstyle in the summer can be difficult, especially when it suffers from frizz in the heat and split ends from the sun. So to help you look and feel your best in these beautiful warmer months, let’s look at the five steps to summer hair.

1. Get a New Haircut

The new season is a great chance to try a fresh new look and lose the volume and length of your winter hair to stay cool in the heat. So why not try a new cut for the summer such as a pixie bob or crop, or simply have some layers put in to thin out your long hair? You might be perfectly happy with your style, but even if you want to keep the shape then a haircut can get rid of any split ends and damaged locks, to ensure that it grows back strong and healthy in the summer.

2. Salon Conditioning Treatment

When you’re at the salon having your haircut, it’s always a good idea to opt in for the conditioning treatments that they offer when washing your hair. These quality products do a far better job than any shampoo or conditioner you’ll find on the high street, giving new life and shine to your locks to complement the cut.

3. A Splash of Colour

Are you bored of your look but want to turn heads at the beach this summer holiday? Experimenting with colour is a great way to shape your style even when you’re stepping out looking natural in your jeans and no makeup. Ombre colouring is big this season, although you could also try a bolder block colour for your hair if you’re feeling daring.

4. Summer Hair Styles

Keeping on top of your style requires a little home styling from day to day, and this season one of the biggest trends is the milk maid braid for something that will keep those long locks off your neck and looking incredibly sweet. However if you’re planning to be on the move a lot this summer, then a salon treatment such as permanent straightening can make styling a lot easier day-to-day.

5. Care for Your Hair

The salon can only do so much to help you locks stay shiny, strong and smooth though, so it’s important to invest in a few quality products that can help you care for your hair. Heat protection spray, professional styling products and occasional treatments will ensure your hair look fabulous between cuts.

Have salon fresh hair throughout the summer by following these five simple steps to glamorous locks. From your haircut and salon treatment to your personal styling and maintenance between cuts, it’s easier than you think to look after your hair and complete your style with show-stopping locks.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, who has luscious locks due to listening to this advice according to RM-UK.