Wear The Right Wrist Watch – Make Your Own Style Statement

It’s classy, it’s elegant and only few wear it. Luxury watches have an appeal of their own. These round or square devices on our wrists are more than just a watch.

With a style and class of their own, these watches speak of amazing craftsmanship, advanced technology and quality materials. Just like Rolex pens, you don’t see Rolex watches lying around in tables carelessly. In fact, just last year, an Omega watch was sold for a whopping $52,000.

Be it the smoothness of the steel or the intricate interworking in the watch, there are many reasons we love these watches.

When you were in your teenage years, seeing a Rolex or Hugo watch would surely have awed you. The intricate designs in the dial and the refreshing colors would have made you stare at it for quite sometime. Yet, a look at the price tag and you would realize that the watch is not for you.

Recent Trends in Buying Luxury Watches

Luxury watches can set you back by more than $10,000 easily. Luxury watches demand rose in countries like Australia and UK even during recession. Swiss watchmakers are increasingly finding new demand in new countries like India and Russia. Last year, the Basel World Fair showcasing luxury watches had more than 100,000 visitors from as many as 100 countries.

More, Swiss made watches had been valued at as much as CHF 2 billion in 2012.  However, Swiss manufacturers expect slower growth now in terms of demand thanks to the high import and tariffs applied by countries like India and Russia that make the watches more expensive.

“Fine”, you might think as you sip down your latte. What can I do to ensure I don’t spend truckloads of money on getting a watch? Well, buy a replica of course!

Replica breitling watches have the same interworking mechanisms of the original watch or the same Swiss crafted mechanism of the Rolex watch, expect to save huge while getting something amazing.

How can you get so much in as less as one-tenth the cost? Simple. You aren’t paying for the Rolex name or the brand value but for the value of the watch itself.

Let’s look at the Social Trends to know how Replica Watches Fare

After 2005, 90% of luxury watch searches related to Rolex, Tag Heur, Omega and Breitling. During the last few years, the demand for replica watches has been on a rise, thanks to increasing luxury watch prices and an economy grappling with recession. The demand has been high in Europe and America.

Today, more than 70% of social networking users use a mobile device to access social networking sites. Shopping online and getting to buy a good replica watch means many luxury replica watchmakers are using the social media platform to advertise. They also need to keep in mind that many users access the sites from their smart phones.

Don’t Just Buy the Replica Watch

An important factor to consider is that you buy the replica breitling watches from a trusted retailer to ensure that you get a watch that is durable. Have a look at the features of the replica watch. Do you like a square design or an oval one? Do you want a Chrono Function watch? What color of dial do you need? Is the watch waterproof?