Ways To Create Mobile Strategy For Your Business

Ways To Create Mobile Strategy For Your Business

According to ComScore, one in every three minutes we spent online is spent on devices other than a personal computer. No matter how big or small your company is you must need a mobile strategy for your business.

But building a successful app is quite overwhelming for some when they have to think up a solution for their business. Should you are building an app to engage or monetize, are you thinking to build a native app or a mobile website and what procedures you adopt about building in-house verses outsourcing?

There are a lot of questions. But the answers are quite simple and lie within your objectives as a company and the goals you have set within different departments and key function areas. Take a look and think about the following ways when formulating your mobile strategy:

Who is your Target Audience?

This is the first step to start with; identify the audience of your app. Whether they are internal or external audience? Internal audiences are your employees or support staffs while external are, of course, your targeted customers.

Engage or Monetize?

All you need to identify that whether you want to engage your customers or monetize them? You can always monetize your external audience, but can engage with both external and internal audience at the same time.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

A mobile website is no doubt a good start to mobile strategy, but it’s never been a replacement for a mobile app. Both have entirely different purposes. One can find far more flexible features on native apps as compare to websites. In fact, you can also have both, a mobile website and a mobile app.

Develop In-house or Outsource?

Outsourcing has received its share of condemnation, but if you look into deeper, some of the most booming products or services on the market nowadays were outsourced in their initial avatar.

At the initial development it may be wise to outsource, and once you get enough command, start by setting up a team in-house in order to manage maintenance and product enhancements.

Mobile Coupons:

In an effort to appeal to customers a lot of companies deliver coupons via mobile devices, many of whom would never think of clipping or carrying these coupons. You can easily via your mobile sign up for Target’s mobile coupons and you will get money saving offers on different items that delivered via text message to your Web-enabled mobile device with a link to a bar-code and amazing discount offers. To redeem all you have to do is to simply show your coupon to the shopkeeper, who will scan them with a bar-code scanner like a regular coupon.

No matter for what reason you develop a mobile app, make sure it must blend in with your company’s business plan. Choose wisely and make a timely decision in order to take your company on to the heights of success.

Author Bio:

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips on behalf of goodscheine.net. She has several years of experience working in an affiliate marketing industry and loves to share coupon and saving money related secrets.