Save Money On Heating Today With These Tips

There’s a certain fact that only the most conscientious or budget-conscious of us in the UK may be aware of: up to half the money we spend for our energy bill goes into heating and hot water alone. You may be surprised, but this is something that cannot be ignored, especially if you have the goal of making your energy consumption more efficient and budget-friendly.

You can still save money on heating and hot water with the right knowledge of your system. The first thing you have to do is understand what your heating system is and how it works. With this, you can then take the necessary steps in making sure that your energy bill becomes more affordable.

The two main systems in the UK are a central heating system consisting of boilers and radiators, and an electric storage heater system.

Save Money On Heating Today With These Tips

Do away with Electric Storage Heating

If you have electric storage heaters consisting of a cylinder for hot water which is heated by immersion heaters, then you will undoubtedly be paying more on your bill. The problem with an electric storage heater is that it uses electricity and is designed to heat up through the night, then release heat in the daytime. Even if this system is using electricity during off-peak hours, it is still more expensive than a central heating system. If you are living in a flat or other rented property, or have no mains gas connection in your home, then you are more likely depending on electric storage heating.

Another problem with an electric storage heater is that it releases greater amounts of carbon dioxide than other systems. You may also have noticed that an electric storage heater is more difficult to control. What you can do if you have electric storage heating is to replace it altogether with a much better central heating system. If you cannot do this, then you can fit in thermostats to improve the efficiency of your existing system.

Make use of a Central Heating System with Radiators and Boilers

Fortunately, most homes in the UK today are equipped with a central heating system. The system works through one boiler which heats up water which is then distributed through pipes around the house. This system not only provides space heating, but also water heating for your bathroom and kitchen taps. But there are different types of central heating systems as well. Your boiler may be running on mains gas, or it may also run on LPG, oil, wood, or coal. You may also have a combi boiler, where LPG, oil, or gas only heat water when necessary and does not store it.

Save Money On Heating Today With These Tips

If you have any of these types of central heating systems, you can save money in different ways. You can use a chemical inhibitor, which helps decrease the rate of corrosion on your boiler and prevents the rapid building up of scale and sludge. If you have an old boiler, you can easily replace it with a more efficient condensing boiler. Other changes which can help you save on your energy bill is replacing old controls with better ones, and making sure that your house is well-insulated or making improvements in this area. A better-insulated home can bring you a vast reduction in your energy bill. If you would like to take the necessary steps to save on costs, click here for professional help and advice.