Interior Design Tips For Your Restaurant

Running a successful restaurant is so much more than having great food. You need a strong concept, and to create a welcoming atmosphere that complements your menu. There is so much emotion involved on the part of the customer in evaluating an establishment. Your interior design is such a crucial part of the equation, and here are a few tips for getting it just right.

Clearly Define Your Concept

The first thing you must do when formulating your interior design is clearly defining your concept. This is not the place for vague musings. What experience are you hoping your diners have? What do you want them to feel when eating your food? What sort of environment do you want to create?  Once you figure this out in-depth, the interior design will come pretty easily.

You want to be unique and give your place some character, but not be so bold that people may not ‘get it,’ or it is totally out of line with the average customer in your area.

Carefully Consider Color

Nothing will set the mood you hope to set more than the colors you choose for your interior design. If you serve a cuisine from a certain country, for instance, you would consider what colors invoke that region. Think about your concept and the emotions—greens are great for a place that focuses on healthy fare, while blue can create a sense of peace and calm. If you are opening a sports bar, you want colors that inspire excitement and enthusiasm, like some bold reds.


Decoration is another core consideration—you need to find that balance between enhancing your concept, and having too much ‘stuff.’  You want the decoration to aid in transporting your customers into the world you are hoping to create within your restaurant. If your restaurant is designed in a way to invoke a particular period in time, for example, what touches would make people feel like they are stepping right into that moment? If you want people to feel like they are dining out in a fun place like Vegas, you want a bit of flash, such as the liquid firework installations offered by companies such as Waltzing Waters.

Call in the Professionals if Necessary

Starting a restaurant is certainly no small expense, and in an effort to minimize start-up costs, it can be tempting to do things ourselves that are best left to the pros. The interior design of your restaurant is one such area where it would be worthwhile to pay someone who knows what she is doing. Unless you are particularly skilled in this area, turning to professional designers, architects, etc…is worth the cost. Poor interior design could negatively impact your restaurant for years to come, and the money saved will not be worth it, because of lost sales.

If you can follow these tips, you are well on your way to successfully designing your restaurant; one important thing to remember is not get swept away in the creative aspect at the expense of function, and a design that allows your staff to easily move through the establishment.