Tips For Selecting Patio Doors

Warm weather is just around the corner and you’re thinking about how to spruce up your backyard. Think about showcasing your home from the inside out with new patio doors. Choosing the right door requires some planning. Visualize how the right door will fit into the décor of your home.

What color will match with your home’s style? What type of material will fit your home’s exterior? Whether the door will open to a small patio or large balcony style patio asking a few simple questions can get the creative design juices flowing. Before you choose a patio door for your home follow these tips.

Choose the Right Material

Since the material of patio doors plays a chief role in your home’s exterior décor think through this selection. The style, color and overall quality of the patio door should be a match to your home’s design. A fiberglass or solid wood door would complement a cedar home more appropriately versus a vinyl door. If you want a different option go with a French sliding door. You can choose the door glass, accessories and style to vibe with your home. Hinged doors match nicely with garage doors and front entry doors. Decide how you want your patio doors to fit into the overall design of your home to choose the proper material door.

Remember the Weather

Doors composed of rugged, weather-resistant materials can make your life easier in regards to maintenance and repair. If you want to use the patio door as a primary entrance into your home choose a durable material which won’t show the effects of the elements. Rain, snow, wind, ice and high temperatures can cause havoc on certain materials. Aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl doors are good choices do not require painting and stand up nicely against tough weather conditions.


Save on energy bills by using Low E glass patio doors. If you crave more style and increased privacy decorative tempered glass could be a good option. Low E glass doors also help to prevent ultraviolet ray fading caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Tempered glass still lets in light do you won’t be trading off sunlight with your privacy. Alter the views and overall lighting by using options like grills and internal blinds.

Choose a Design Allowing for a Wide Doorway

Open up increased access to the outdoor living area by choosing a design allowing for a wide doorway. If you want to accentuate your patio garden or check selecting a design which vibes with a wide doorway can help you show off your yard. Swing doors, multiple French doors and folding patio door systems work well for accommodating a wide opening.

Plan for Spacing

French doors and other types require room to open. Think about where you want to place furniture in relation to your patio door. Also visualize how wall placement will affect the patio door. You don’t want to place a door which bumps into your walls or sofa each time you open the patio door.