5 Tips to Select the Best Colocation Service Provider

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With innovations being made in technology every day, it is necessary for online businesses to have their website operational 365/24/7, so that customers never find any issue in assessing the information and making online purchases. When talking about 100% uptime and convenience to access and control your own server, you need excellent colocation services. An excellent colocation facility offers its customers physical security, power, cooling, internal connections and external connections. However, with loads of different companies offering these services in a variety of different packages and varying costs, it is difficult to make a decision, which one is the best colocation service. If you are seeking advice on choosing the best colocation provider, which would offer your company with both, proficient and inexpensive services, then consider the following aspects:

  • Select a high-quality internet network: The best colocation service, any organization can choose to purchase, would be one offering universal Tier 1 International, with a surplus OC192 foundation, along with 10 GigE network connections to at least a few hundred different Internet networks. Always question the provider regarding its network connection volume and detail.
  • Select a high-tech Colocation facility: A state of the art facility would be recognized to contain speedy internet connections, UPS and backup generators for extra source of power, an efficient air condition system and a responsive support staff, along with physical safety.
  • Determine whether the colocation supplier offers Remote Hand free of cost: A perfect colocation provider would be one that offers its clients with remote hands service, completely free of cost. If your provider charges a fee, it should be noted as inefficiency on their part, since you can easily employ a colocation provider that will offer this service free. The providers that deliver this service without you having to bear any costs tend to serve quicker, they are more receptive and have specialized service staff.
  • Determine whether the colocation supplier’s tech staff is available on-site 24/7: In order to certify the dependability and safety of the service you employ, the suggested choice of providers would be those which put forward assistance through their speedy and experienced technical service personnel who are available on-site at all times. Let the company, you employ, be aware that you expect round the clock assistance from its support staff.
  • What is the history of colocation facility: Any industry would hold a better standard and provide high-quality services, based on how long it has been running. A wise decision to make, when selecting colocation providers, would be to choose one which is well established for a long time period, facing continuous growth over several years. It is wise to select the company, serving colocation services since nearly a decade.

If you are in USA, you are lucky to have the best colocation service providers. The City of Angels is in no way lacking in these facilities. If you are in search for Los Angeles colocation services, consider the above mentioned tips and you will easily find yourself the best service, the city has to offer. Businesses, based in Los Angeles, can by far locate LA colocation services- proficient and reliable, equally, within no time, if they choose carefully.