6 Tips To Buy Wedding Dress Online

6 Tips To Buy Wedding Dress Online

Gone are the days when local wedding dress makers were the only place a bride-to-be could get her wedding dress from.  In the age of internet, there are variety of ecommerce shopping company like Dress First that specializes on wedding dresses. Shopping for wedding dress online is increasingly becoming popular among the brides-to-be for 5 major reasons:-

  • You can shop from anywhere in the world
  • You need no prior appointment
  • You can shop in your PJs
  • You can compare dresses at different wedding portals
  • It can save you a little money

But then again, wedding dress is probably the most important dress you will ever purchase and doing it online might sound like a little scary. After all, you have to look perfect on your wedding day. And that is why; we bring you some tips to make shopping your wedding dress online a little more effortless.

Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress Online

1. Always look for Recommendations, Feedback, and Reviews

Before buying online, make it a point to check recommendations and reviews of the site where you’d like to make a purchase. If you are buying wedding dress from an independent handmade artisan, make it a point to talk to the designer for custom fit.   But read the reviews available online before paying that deposit.

2. Ask a Friend or a Professional to take the Measurements

While buying a wedding dress online you need to give the designer specific measurements. Ask a friend or a family member to take your measurements – or, find a tailor or seamstress for that. Your dress designer will rely on these measurements, so there should be no mistakes.

3. Compare few Online Shopping Portals 

The best thing about shopping online is comparison shopping. So, make the best of it by comparing the price, style and reviews of the sites. It will not only land you in the best shop but also will help you save a little.

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4. Read Site Policies

Different web portals have different policies.  So read, reread until you fully understand them. Most shops require a non-refundable deposit at the beginning.  So don’t pay up until you are sure of your choice.

A word of advice: in case of custom dresses, most dresses are non-returnable, due to their custom nature.

5. Give Yourself a Little Time for Adjustments

If you are going for a custom dress, remember that the designer will take time to process the order. Start shopping for your wedding dress online at the early stage or wedding planning.  Even readymade dresses need some adjustments. Once you receive the dress, you might need a seamstress to make some adjustment in the dress. But don’t do it at the last moment. In the worst case scenario, you might have to readjust things a bit.

6. Accessories Can Wait

Until you have the wedding dress in your closet, don’t buy bridal accessories.  You need to try them on with the dress to see how they look. In case you find an accessory that you cannot do without, buy it all the same, but keep the receipt and check whether there’s a return policy.  You never know, you might need to return it.

Not to sound harsh, but in present economic turmoil, a number of brides-to-be would like to save a little money on wedding dresses. A number of online portals are now offering wedding dresses on a budget.