The Best Handbags For Professionals – Executives, Creative And Tech Workers

Business handbags offer not only convenient solutions every professional needs, but they also serve as an important element of your business look. When you buy a new office handbag, you should consider not only the dress code, but also your position in the company. Some occupations require extra effort, when it comes to creating the perfect professional outfit. In this article we will present our best tips for executives, creative and tech workers.

Executive directors and senior management

A proper handbag can be the means of expressing your status and position in your company. The more important is the job you do, the more you should emphasize it with your personal style. If you are a director or a senior manager in your company, your handbag should look elegant and luxurious, but not too lavish. Your handbag should express your sophisticated sense of style and chic without going overboard. The best designer bags often have a clean, minimalistic look – this is the kind of bag you need. The most important thing is to buy a bag made of top quality leather, finished to the absolute perfection. Avoid controversial colors or patterns and stick to the classic black, brown or nude color with minimum adornment. Make sure that the hardware on your bag is not too sparkly and look for a bag with leather straps instead of chains. Choose a handbag in a classic shape of a briefcase or an elegant tote. Avoid bags, which are too informal, for example, a messenger bag. Check luxury laptop bags for women, if you need an extra bag for your notebook.

Creative workers

The perfect accessory for a creative worker should include elements of an artsy bag and a professional briefcase. Your bag should showcase your unique sense of style, but it should also be practical and not too controversial. Choose a bag with an interesting shape or an intriguing pattern. You can also pick a bag in a vibrant color, but do not overdo it and avoid neon or metallic shades. Your bag should have a clean, architectural shape, nothing too messy or too loose. To find the best inspiration, check handmade designer bags and choose a handbag, which represents your creativity and your professional approach to work.     

Tech workers

The dress code for tech workers is usually less strict, but just because you can dress more casually, it does not mean that you cannot elevate your style up a notch and choose a fashionable bag. A great bag for a tech worker is a messenger bag, which is less formal than a briefcase, but just as spacious. Choose a bag in classic colors, with no special decorative elements. Focus on the practical aspect of the bag and the look of the bag exterior: make sure that the bag material is high quality and the interior includes at least a few compartments and pockets. Buy an extra laptop bag to carry your laptop with you. Other than that, try not to carry too much stuff with you to avoid your bag looking too bulky.

Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.