Ten Tactical Gun Training Tips For Beginners

It rarely ever happens, except in films of course, that, when confronted by a gun totting villain an individual without any knowledge of firearms, manages to defend himself / herself, after somehow getting hold of the villain’s gun!  In fact, on the most peaceful and ordinary of days, place a gun in any untrained hand and watch, how quickly it starts to tremble.

How then, can someone without any training in firearms, be expected to accurately fire a gun and save his/her own life or that of others in life threatening situations?  The shaking of the hand is but a natural reaction to holding a firearm, that one knows could kill another human being in an instant! While most of us abhor violence, it is also a fact, that defending innocent lives, whether it be our own or that of others, is both a necessary right and a duty. With so many shooting incidents taking place, knowing how to use a gun in self-defense, is today being seen as a necessity rather than a matter of choice. Reason enough for a growing number of people to enroll for gun training classes!

How Enrolling for Gun Training Classes Benefits You

Simply enrolling for gun training classes, however, is just the beginning. There’s a lot more involved in learning how to use a gun under stressful circumstances, when one needs to make split second decisions.  Tactical gun training classes provide you with first hand ‘live’ demonstration and practice sessions of handling guns and other firearms. They teach you much more than you can teach yourself, from instruction manuals, books, your friends, YouTube videos, or even gun enthusiasts in your neighborhood.

So, what exactly gives professional gun training classes an edge over self-training? It is the fact that, most quality institutes conducting these classes are run by veterans who have had previous experience in law enforcement, combat or the defense forces. They have the knowhow, expertise, experience and the infrastructure to provide accurate and practical guidance on the safe and proper usage of firearms. Gun training classes offer both basic and specialized gun training for new and experienced shooters. If you are keen to find out what tactical gun training classes are all about, keep reading…

  1. Gun training classes start by teaching the basics of using guns and firearms. Instructors demonstrate and give trainees practice on safety, marksmanship and manipulation. They also train them in having a steady grip, keeping the right posture and maintaining trigger control.
  2. These classes provide instructions on training one’s eye on the target and on correct firearm manipulation techniques.
  3. They pay special attention to the safety aspect of handling and using guns.
  4. During these classes, trainees are taken through shootout scenarios. They are taught to identify threat situations and made to understand that avoiding and getting away from an escalating and life threatening situation is in their interest.
  5. Gun training classes help those undergoing training to overcome their body’s natural response to freeze when confronted by an attacker with a gun.
  6. Gun training sessions ensure that trainees learn to form essential responses to real life violent threats, through mock sessions. They are taught to stay calm; are told that they must keep moving; create a distance between the threat and themselves; communicate with friends and family; utilize any cover that they can find; and shoot if they must, to defend themselves.
  7. Courses like these bring out the leader in trainees. They teach them how to take control of a crisis situation and rise to the occasion to protect innocent lives and reaching out for help.
  8. Classes on gun training instruct trainees on how not to become easy targets of attackers. Instructors assert that attackers usually target easy victims to shoot at, and if one makes his job difficult by using the above mentioned techniques, the attacker’s motivation to kill reduces.
  9. Experienced shooters working in combat or law enforcement related spheres often undergo specialized training in the use of firearms. They attend gun training classes to learn about combat marksmanship, and develop expertise in shooting down moving targets.
  10. Specialist gun training classes also instruct seasoned shooters in using firearms in dim and low light conditions, considering that most shootouts happen in such environments.

This article was written by Hermant. Z. Enualle, a firearms enthusiast, who believes that, enrolling for gun training classes, develops your confidence in handling firearms.