Spytector- The New Version Of Keylogger Is Waiting For You!

The modern technology and the modern technology-threats arising from tech- blues like security issues, both are constantly being technically pampered and enhanced with breathlessly amazing miracles coming to the surface. Everybody now-a-days wants to sneak into every other’s cyber space personally or professionally. A bit of information or a spate of information leakages are the common talk of the tech-savily sustaining people. And if the culprit is this little prig only, the altar of technology, then rescuer is none other than this technology only. So here comes that crux of the communicated cues. The gross breather is provided by certain software solutions .The talk of this article is “Spytector”. Such software will act as the perfect spy of tech-mired and ultimate refuge of tech-driven town. One can rely blindly in these cut-throat competing world on this software which serve as your computer’s loyal monitoring agent when they are away from your eyes.

The greatest surprise is that these software are invisible and in traceable. They go unedited by supposedly the sharp minds of the sneakers or any other user who so ever tries to use your computer laden with this unique detector. This is one distinct instrument which will track every move tried to be made by your computer .The moves made by your computer by any third party to either facilitate them more than you or to extract your information or secrets from your digital buddy (your PC). Professional world too can reap its advantages in humongous ways.  A loyal spy is always the greatest boon and bounty in this crunched world of obsessed people aiming high for themselves with malicious eyes on others. This Spytector is a superb companion which has some of the most unheard of unprecedented features ever. It is the best surveillance meter of your computer which will meet security pertained requirements. It runs in perfect undercover with no clue to the outside world about its splendid spying. Even the most savvy of the users’ community can’t detect the presence of this great strategic spy working effectively though furtively. Hence it is indubitably the most adopt Keyloggers for monitoring the way your computer is used.

Crispy and Exotic Key Features

Not only our spy software runs undetected by the monitored users, the prodigy is that it goes out of the tentacles of the anti-virus software too. Yes your ears heard it right and same as what your eyes read! It does go undetected flawlessly by the antivirus. This is what makes our product peculiar in the market. Well known antivirus products cannot in any way track the presence of the Spytector in your computers.
Please not that now-a-days AV is over-reacting and hence our Spytector is detected by a few anti-virus programs.

But ! It is not a worry worth a bit to deter you from using it. We ensure irrevocably that once you install the full version of it, no AV program can catch it. As we build this on a daily basis, the full versions if used go undetected by the AV programs. This is considered as the effective Keyloggers for both home and corporate purposes. The monitored activity is stored securely in encrypted log files. The logs are received by either by FTP or by email and afterwards can be converted into reports by Log-Viewer. The full colored logs are saved as RTF or HTML files. Spytector is a complete stealth and can’t be even seen in the Task-manager. Anyways, leave this nitty-gritty and hurry splurging fruitfully by possessing this soothing enigmatic detector. Go and get an unabatedly unique spy for your digital buddy now.