Men's Fashion For 2013

Men’s fashion available on the high street has recently undergone something of a renaissance in terms of quality – in part this has stemmed from designers looking back at the trends of old an incorporating styles from the 1940s and earlier into their lines. Whereas the last twenty years had seen something of a decline in the aesthetics of men’s outfits, with an emphasis on “casual” and sportswear, the last twelve months or so has seen men become galvanised and more confident in their choices of elegant clothing. This trend, it would seem by looking at recent catwalk fashion shows, looks set to continue into 2013 and, hopefully, beyond.
Retro Styling
With celebrities such as David Beckham and George Clooney influencing many male fashionistas across the world, with their 1920s style hair and debonair approach to fashion, designers have taken note and began to incorporate Old Hollywood flare into their collections. Studying the clothing choices of silver screen legends such as Humprey Bogart, Clark Gable and Cary Grant, high street fashion brands have been able to stock lines, which many men have snapped up, which has given the average dresser a much sharper and more dashing appearance.
Double Breasted Suits
For 2013, particularly for the fall/winter seasons, the big trends in men’s clothing is set to include a series of sophisticated double breasted suits silhouettes, the types of which could easily be imagined upon Jimmy Stewart. The modern twists, however, will come with the addition of a more contemporary use of patterns on the garments – oversized checks and bold patterned stripes are set to be amongst the most popular choices whilst, taking a cue from the 2012 summer trend of colour blocking, mixed patterns are set to become almost omnipresent.
2013 is also expected to see the return to the mainstream of men using accessories to embolden their outfit choices. Whilst in the 1920s men would think nothing of adding a coloured pocket square to add spark and vitality to their ensembles, the practise fell out of fashion in recent years much to the detriment of men’s style. Thankfully the practise is due a return, as is the adoption and renewed focus of other male accessories including bold scarves and, for outdoor use only, high quality hats (rather than baseball caps which seem to be the only headwear many men plump for).
In terms of footwear, it would seem that men’s formal shoes are due something of a comeback after years of neglect by men who have plumped for wearing sporting trainers at the cost of all other footwear choices. Whilst casual footwear has overtaken smart shoes in recent years as the shoe of choice for many men, this is set to reverse somewhat as brogues and Oxfords, classic staples of the discerning gentlemen, are set to experience a boon of popularity. Trainers have, for too long, been worn in the wrong context but designers, and male shoppers, have begun to realise that utilising sportswear negates all the aesthetic values of an otherwise smart outfit instantly!
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